Nice going counterrevolutionaries

Just like we said it would be, all that money provided by bankers spent by Obama on campaigning in the united $tates did spill over into media internationally and now Latin Americans love Obama more than any of their own leaders.

“A Latin America-wide survey released Thursday by the CIMA polling group, entitled Ibero-American Barometer 2009, shows that Obama is the most popular leader of the Americas — by far.

“Obama has a 70 percent approval rate in the region, followed by Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva with 59 percent, according to the poll of 10,000 people in 22 Latin American and Caribbean countries. By comparison, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez got a 28 percent approval rate in the region, the poll shows.”(1)

Way to go “Kasama,” and “RCP” — you spread false consciousness at a record pace. Now all Latin American leaders have to tread carefully in their anti-Americanism. We fully sympathize with the difficulties that independent Latin American leaders face.

Mexican President Felipe Calderón asked Obama to drop the embargo on Cuba.(2) That should tell the left-wing of parasitism that MIM is correct. The Democrat of pseudo-Maoist background is to the right of the Mexican president. The reason is structural as MIM has said all along, that even the most “left” Democrat is going to be outflanked by many ordinary bourgeois leaders with large exploited and oppressed constituencies.

The Kennedys and pseudo-leftists organized a record assault on class consciousness globally. Then they wonder why the Third World bourgeoisie loans the United $tates trillions at negative interest rates and hands over trillions in goods for a piece of paper called the dollar. Their idea of fighting poverty is getting health insurance for Amerikans and talking about poverty for the rest of the world.

It is not Palin who is inept. It is the left-wing of parasitism that is inept.



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