Ole boys network, how I pictured one part of it

As I explained in previous columns, when there is more than one persyn at work, we can be talking about a controller, kingpin or family. I’m more from Cold War studies, so I think in terms of a controller. How I saw what happened in the early 1990s was an agent plus manipulator(s) and co-conspirators able to carry off a fast and disparate set of slanders. Later in the 1990s, I saw it as two females I thought of as related plus other males — as some controller bureaucrat seeming to brag about more than one agent. These aspects I think about probabalistically, but I made it clear that I saw it as COINTELPRO type stuff. I never in all my published articles wavered on there being spies in our midst and never had the slightest doubt that we were in touch with some controller types that I pictured in Washington.

With regard to a stalking column I read that gave me a deja vu, I received more letters from the controller in the later 1990s than I have ever sent to all my friends, family and acquaintances combined. Something was important, but that just confirmed I was in contact with some conspiratorial agent. For only 36 hours did I have the exact identity of this persyn correct and the rest of the time I thought in probabalistic terms that were close and accurately contained elements of the set belonging to this one controller.

The stalking had always been the much-smoke-but-no-fire type and it just took me about a year in the late 1980s to figure it out.

Going into the 2000s I continued to think of a “fan” as a DC bureaucrat basically bragging to me. That turned out to be more right than I knew for the wrong reasons. Later I firmed up a different picture and was able to understand some previous communications better, a constant problem of dealing with people in their mafia-speak.

If I had been approached in the later 1990s openly with 100% certainty, I would have made an appropriate phone call. That’s what made conflict with this particular network difficult for me.

Looking back however, it should be clear to people that there is a pattern in this network — an overall picture.


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