Staying lynched

I’m not going to lie to get someone convicted and I don’t even approve of post-modernist spinning, cutting and re-interpreting. Now if someone wants to show that Amerikans did not know they were torturing people to fabricate stories about Iraq and Al Qaeda, they should make that case. As far as I know, Amerikkkans would have approved anything after 9/11 and they voted for Bush a second time: they knew what they were getting into and even when Kerry pointed out the lack of connection in the isses in 2004, Amerikkkans chose to back Bush as a means of showing how they wanted to spin things: it was conscious.

The argument over information the public had is not really true about Amerikans. They have information for the most part. It is the Third World abused by intelligence agencies and poverty.

These days there is a battle in the press. We’ve got the Zionist Warmongering Female Professionals association led by Phyllis Chesler backing up the left-wing of parasitism. She succeeded in getting pseudo-Maoists to alter the whole Marxist-Leninist-Maoist line on Iran and Islam for persynal reasons of the pseudo-Maoists. (Since repented but not publicly for the real reasons.)

Then we have those who want to forgive and forget and there are those who see the lynching as it was. The trouble is that it is diversity proving exactly why we need communism.

We have people arguing that females need the power to lynch to advance in the legal profession. We have others in “diversity” saying the Jena 6 was the biggest civil rights issue in a generation. And no matter what is on the line, lynching stays as is.

Diversity is not to be celebrated. It is another name for double, triple, quadruple and more standards.

If there are even two classes there will be at least two standards. When we have two or more classes, two genders and a multiplicity of ethnicities plus locality and party loyalty we are going to have multiple standards tolerated.

Eliminate classes and the state borders separating nations and we will go a long way to eliminating the double standards.


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