Amerikans and torture: a lost cause

As MIM has reported in previous years, polls show pretty consistent support for monarchism in the one-third range in the United $tates. In monarchism I include torture.

Now there is a poll out that shows 52% of Amerikkkans in the “independent” category that are neither Republican nor Democrat support torture in some circumstances,(1) contrary to the Liberal “humyn rights” image the united $tates peddles to the world. The figure is about half of the U.$. public overall.

We have argued before it is possible to win large majorities against monarchists only by adding pornographic detail to concrete cases, and afterwards, the support level for monarchism will be unchanged.

As of today April 26, Frank Rich, Paul Krugman and Nicholas Kristoff are honing their arguments. They say that to preserve Liberalism for future crises, it will be necessary to perfume the current system by catching some torturers for fabricating evidence.

In other words, there is recognition that there is no consensus opposing the Iraq War or torture in principle. Moreover, there is a fear that the public will not be able to separate political policy from legal matters.

I would add that there is a high chance that such an approach would end up hinging on U.$. citizens’ rights, because there is no legal or political consensus on the rights of foreigners in Gitmo for instance.

With “diversity,” one presidential administration might have a coalition for torture and the next might not. The justice system is politicized because of polytheism or Liberal double-standards.

Whatever the U.$. rulers decide, the international oppressed and exploited should realize that the cause of the torture problems lies before 9/11.



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