Awwwe, did Bill Ayers make a funny?

Now Bill-no-good-at-math Ayers followed through on his suggestion to start business problems for me. What’s a matter Bill? Am I not sufficiently in line with the die-hard labor aristocracy? Do you, Klonsky and Phyllis Chesler want me to get in better line with I$rael? I guess so.

You do so appreciate Ted Kennedy now, don’t you?

Awwwwe, did Obama ask for accountability and clarity while talking about credit cards?(1) I guess he did, didn’t he. Trademark backstabbing — you gotta watch out, people might notice and your reputation might take a hit, but then again, you already went Democrat and partake in Democratic Party fundraisers, now that the communist movement is so overfunded.

And look at this, the very same day in the New York Times, two writers call for asset forfeiture to the government. Would that be including banks owned by the government that Obama takes contributions from?

Eric Holder is for asset forfeiture:

“Back in 1999, when he was the deputy attorney general, he told the Senate Judiciary Committee, ‘From telemarketing to terrorism to counterfeiting to violation of the food and drug laws, the remedy of asset forfeiture should be applied.'”(2)

Holder is for violation of civil rights. Here is what is happening:

“Equal attention must be given to attacking and dismantling the economic base of the criminal organization.”(2)

Look, the Kasama/RCP/New York Times and Eric Holder are all together in racist civil rights conspiracy.



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