Chronology: time and other kinds

I$rael’s Defense Minister Barak says I$rael needs three years for peace.(1) The King of Jordan says 18 months. I would say 3 months.

In chronological time, there is actually not much difference, three months, eighteen months or three years. In conjunctural time, there is a big difference.

Meanwhile Palestinian negotiator Erekat says Olmert rejected a complete peace plan from Abbas just before launching the invasion of Gaza in December.(2)

Iran is saying that it will back whatever the Palestinians vote for in their peace process.(3) Iran is taking an obviously pro-self-determination approach like Eldridge Cleaver used to.

We also have a report that seems to contradict previous reports on U.$. aid to Palestinians having to go through a technocratic government.(4) Iran’s press now makes it appear that the Obama administration will allow aid through Hamas.

In this question it is our job to report on the balance of forces as best we can, so that the Palestinian people can decide what to settle for and when. Key to that is understanding what forces are in Palestinians’ favor and likely to become moreso and what forces need to struggle now and not wait.

4. 28Apr2009, “U.S. change over Hamas irks Israel”


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