Security tidbit

The one referred to as “Mossad” made an overly vague pronoun reference, and it made no sense to me at the time. Since 2008 it has made sense.

The reference was to someone who also was under public obligation not to speak of someone else’s experience, when she spoke. So it made no sense and did not even begin to connect and that’s not to mention that this was way long after the fact and timing made no sense in multiple ways.

Now that I understand it, I think “Mossad” is not an explanation. Someone “always fucking things up” was someone who wanted them to be fucked up. The Mossad is competent, so this is not likely really about the Mossad.

P.S. What I mean is that the persyn who had every capability of explaining herself chose not to and went to ole’ boys’ networks, and barely that in the early 1990s. If she had wanted clarity, she could have attained it herself directly.


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