Waving the red flag to oppose the red flag

President Obama told a Missouri audience “‘I want us to get back to making things, not just shuffling paper around.'”(1) That’s an obvious reparaphrase of MIM.

Anyway, it looks as MIM said that the pseudo-Maoists are going to handle health care before getting to Palestine in seriousness. We hope that is wrong. Senator Specter is going to help Obama out with health care.

I’m not denying positive signs. They often say the right things.

Note to Counterrevolutionary Economics Administration: Who will see new consumption from a national health care plan? Who does Obama plan to tax? Which group has the higher savings rate? Will U.$. consumption increase or decrease? That will stimulate what? Given current realities, whose hides does U.$. healthcare come out of you miscreant social-democrats?

1. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0409/21895.html


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