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Two cents on state secrets, Cheney, waterboarding

May 31, 2009

My own take on what Cheney has been saying lately is that it is true, but in a condensed way for soundbite purposes. I don’t think the public understands half of what he is saying, but it’s a case of “to make a long story short.” The truth is that the public never understands half of what is going on in foreign policy anyway, with only 20% capable of following it at all with the American-Idol-sapped attention spans we have here.

For the same reason, I would ask judges if they can to give Obama another couple more weeks on state secrets.


Done with the Mideast: Return to simpler revolutionary message

May 31, 2009

It’s May 31 and as promised, I have not gone through the Gate to Sell-Out City without the Palestinians. There has been no change in the road to nowhere, as established in previous criteria.

Given the cards I have been handed I can’t help wondering whether I must be inept. In any case, I have already advised witnesses to hold their fire till June 15 to give various reformists a chance to handle the Mideast problem without me.

According to the Boston Globe, Obama is afraid of Pelosi, partly because of the Hillary Clinton factor of the touchiness in the female vote deriving from leftover divisions from the campaign. We find it a weak excuse for not going to Congress on Palestine issues.

The political correctness police are on my back coming up with more and more racist accusations to add to the pile-on as after-the-fact rationalizations.

*Not one of these pc accusations were deemed worthy of a local tabloid when they happened, much less national masturbation years later. In contrast I am talking about news of obvious international significance that adds to understanding of torture, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan wars in addition to hostilities throughout the Mideast. There is such a thing as a newsworthiness standard, no matter what arbitrary racists might think.

*No one can claim to have suffered any permanent physical damage from me, no matter how wildly the pc accusers thrash.

*I have not gained anything from being the one to reveal news. Quite the contrary I have paid a heavy price for being forced to be the bearer of news against my will. I had a website with anonymity that gained over 100,000 readers a month, before some egotists started using the executive branch to protect their political and other careers. Now my readership is down to about 2000 a month. Get it through your heads: I did not gain and I pay financial costs.

*The standards of newsworthiness were largely set by Democrats, in the Willie Horton case and the McCain campaign in South Carolina 2000. That’s just to mention the fourth most important category of cards in my hand.

The past few years I have been involved in engaging the White House. In returning to a simpler revolutionary message, I mean going back to our 1990s approach. Whether the Mideast should act as a catalyst for global revolution is not for me to answer alone. However, people following what I have done can see a certain futility.

Henceforth, I will use this web page to issue revolutionary analysis and to rebut stupid details in the media if they emerge. I am prepared for whatever happens. As far as I am concerned, a deal should have been reached by August or September 2008. We are now starting June 2009. It’s not fair to me, the Palestinians or uninformed global public opinion. To hell with the Amerikkkan racists.

Politico: Obama delves deep into Pentagon

May 30, 2009

President Obama went to “Five Guys” burgers and found out about an interesting military intelligence agency doing satellite observation.


Leverage: Cuba and Gaza

May 30, 2009

Dear President Obama:

I see Clinton and Bush Jr. have commented on leverage. Bush Jr. seems to be for making the other guy go first.

Let’s put it this way: make the big changes, go first. If you do not get the response we expect, I’m not stupid. I will support you.

Note to ex-comrades

May 30, 2009

I see no reason any ex-comrades should be joining the Obama administration.

The ole’ boys’ network has spent more time discussing my sex life in the 1990s than the death tolls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq combined.

The Obama administration wants to prove something to the world, for among other reasons, the fact that other countries holding Liberal dissidents are mocking the United $tates mercilessly for its handling of me.

The way we should help out the pro-U.$. dissidents in the world is by trying to wrap up business here. There is no career for me in the government, but perhaps we can wrap up business other ways.

Although I won’t return to a university community that was so susceptible to lynching, I was an expository writer before matters in the conspiracy turned serious with the lynching and I had a popular website till recently. Integrity for me would be staying an expository writer and running that website again, not necessarily in this country. Perhaps I will find a way to trade into that and defuse things with the dissidents abroad.

All of what has happened to me has happened to others before me, right down into forcing moderation on them. This can be proved if I have to.

Idaho community college

May 30, 2009

No one is saying Idaho Community College should be 50%+ Asian. I’ve held the same position for 20 years. It would not be an appropriate use of Idaho Community College’s resources to have mostly Asian students.

Where I have a question is the line between those universities that call themselves “world class” and the rest catering to local customers. The benefit of calling oneself “world class” is competitive. It leads to more research money and an easier time recruiting faculty.

There has always been pressure on the University of Michigan for example, to serve its state residents. By that measure there would be little reason for much of any Asian-Amerikan student population. Yet a state-oriented institution cannot make good on its claim of being “world class.” A university drawing from the student population globally could well be 50% Asian and I have said that for 20 years.

The University of Michigan is one of those that after conflicts with me, continued or started to call itself “world class” in its own official propaganda. Any university that thinks it is in the top 10 or 20 in the United $tates is going to be inclined in that direction. The rest of the world should face up to the marketing facts of life for such institutions. They want the visas to get the students, the prestige that goes with getting them and the research money they can win. These institutions are then going to protect their reputations in connection to fighting a global competition. The rest of the world should be smart enough to know that is all going on.

How far back the conspiracy goes

May 30, 2009

Recently, someone received an award in connection to something I was part of. Now I have also received a sort of claim of responsibility for something that happened 28 years ago. It casts more light on what has happened since.

Also, the media has uncovered another persyn who is still intersecting with the same issues to this very day.

Reichstag fires

May 30, 2009

The Reichstag fire in 1933 was a pivotal event in Nazi history. The Nazis used the burning of the parliamentary building to gain support and push through repression. The Nazis tried to blame it on the Comintern, the international communist organization. From my perspective today, the interesting thing about it is that we do not hear of any deaths from the fire. We do continue to hear that the Nazis themselves had a hand in it.(1)

The number of I$raelis killed in “terror” attacks from 1978 to 1998 was 533.(2) That’s according to I$raelis. Another 1072 Israelis have died since September 29 2000 through the end of 2008 according to an I$raeli source.(3)

The latest figure for deaths of New Yorkers on 9/11 from Wikipedia is 3017.(4)

I see no reason that Mayor Bloomberg should be spying on Muslims or that the federal government should be conspiring against communists just so I$rael can go on living in the colonial era. I’m also sure Mayor Bloomberg can find things to spend money on, other than security against Muslim jihadi attacks.

2. ;

Connecticut Attorney General

May 30, 2009

I believe the Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has intersected my world a few times.

After I wrote an article on the Fed, we heard Blumenthal go after the Fed.

At the time I wrote on “I$rael in 2013,” I had forgotten the Connecticut Attorney General’s name. I was thinking of another Blumethal for a Cabinet name.

I believe the Fed did not really want to be involved in what has happened since the Lehman collapse. The Fed ended up taking a role larger than usual for reasons of academic training of economists. It has to do with doing the topsy-turvey thing in a meltdown to keep an economy afloat. Now, whether the Obama administration is too close to the banking interests is of course an ages-old special interests question regarding the executive branch.


Malaysian leader opposes U.$. diktat

May 29, 2009

Mahathir Mohamed, former Malaysian prime minister has commented on recent events.

“He noted that if the US insisted ‘on imposing its ideas of how a system functions on the rest of the world, there is no way people will continue to believe in the infallibility of the system that America represents.’

“He expressed hope that the new Obama administration may ‘try to correct these bad habits,’ while adding, ‘I also believe they cannot go back to the regime where America dictates to the world,’ he said.”