Iran and a grand bargain in the Mideast

Should Iran trade a cessation of nuclear enrichment with I$rael? I find this question difficult myself.

In Vero Beach, FL, there is a report of a Catholic priest stabbed in the back by a womyn in confession. He forgave her. She had other problems directed against other people, not just the priest, as so often happens in hateful situations.

I tend to believe that I should not have the power to forgive on behalf of others. The drawback to the Protestant and Islamic approaches in which priests do not have the power to pardon sins against others is that that may mean less control of the fallout. Sometimes a priest in a position of responsible authority can quietly do something to contain a problem, so I cannot totally fault what the priest in Vero Beach says.

At MIM, we support Iran if it continues to enrich fuel for nuclear purposes. We would also support their obtaining nuclear weapons. That is self-determination for Iran and more than justified given the behavior of the United $tates and I$rael globally. We will have more to say on this topic this weekend.


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