Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

The BBC reported May 1 that Saudi Arabia issued a “‘rare rebuke'” to the United $tates for statements that are “‘completely false and fabricated'”(1) regarding alleged meetings with I$rael, specifically President Peres.

While continuing to call on Obama to deal with reality and not just campaigning and press conferences, Venezuelan leader Chavez also criticized a U.$. report on Venezuelan support for “terrorism.”(2) Chavez called it “one more slander.”(3)

Meanwhile, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said Gitmo would continue to hold prisoners. The media reported that military commissions would have to continue.

“The Obama administration may revamp and restart the Bush-era military trial system for suspected terrorists as it struggles to determine the fate of detainees held at Guantanamo Bay and fulfill a pledge to close the prison by January.”(4)

The Amerikan liberals do not like the trend of this sort of statement. Ever since Obama went to bat for the telecomms in the NSA spying matter, Obama’s direction on national security questions has been toward Bush.

The two years of campaigning and the 100 days of photo opportunities are over. Now we will see if the Obama administration can make any deals and actually change any relations.

If there is not going to be any change in foreign relations, then it would be best to admit it. The pleasant press conferences should be after a change in relations.

4. Lara Jakes, “Officials: Gitmo Court System Likely to Stay Open,”


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