An idea about Mideast lackeyism conflicts

MIM supports the Palestinians in whatever they decide on how to organize unity government. We did not like to see the United $tates premising aid for reconstruction on there being no politics in the government, a technocratic government; although, a technocratic government is better than no solution at all.

The biggest mistake the united $tates can make is to relieve pressure on I$rael. If Uncle $am has shown up to move things along in the Mideast, then other conflicts can become submerged. After all, most of the bickering centers on how to get the great powers out of Palestinian hair.

The lackeyism question comes out at the closed Rafah crossing into Egypt. Egypt cannot appear to the United $tates and I$rael as letting Palestinians do whatever they want within Egyptian territory or war will resume. This becomes a lackeyism question.

That is why we need Three Worlds Theory. If Uncle $am is under enough pressure from an anti-Amerikan united front, Uncle $am can satisfy the Palestinians that things are really moving along this time. Then Hamas will sing a different tune about Egypt. They will enter into Third World unity.

If the United $tates does not push I$rael hard enough, then the Arabs are going to fall into bickering. It is the success of the anti-U.$. struggle that creates unity.

If we zero in on Egypt’s interests, we can see the same logic in reverse. If Egypt is to allow Hamas free movement in its territory, then it would like to see that the United $tates has given Hamas reasons not to be discontented with Egypt at that moment.

In the Mideast peace process I’m pushing for a U.$. front-loaded role. It is the U.$. role that allows the submerging of conflicts. Usually this has been phrased as “bolstering the moderates” or giving them something to show off. The U.$. front-loading role can also be said by the same logic to be reason to trust the Palestinian radicals.

Hamas once floated a resistance government idea. It called for unity with non-Hamas Palestinians on the basis of resistance to the fake peace process.

With Great Satan taking a direct and independent role, there is less need to struggle with the lackeys to get at the united $tates indirectly. My hope would be that the United $tates would take a direct role with a military embargo on I$rael and then we would see Palestinians responding to that directly and deciding if things are moving along fast enough. If things are moving along fast enough, then I hope that people we would think of as the radicals would unite with the lackeys to preserve anti-U.$. and anti-I$rael gains.


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