Why more persynality cult smear jobs on me

Now the Democrats are trying to smear me persynally to prevent me from exposing them. They want to say that I’m angry with them for persynal reasons and they continue to invent incidents to anger me with them.

It’s not going to work. Obama, the pseudo-Maoists and other Liberals who think everything is individual are not going to be able to escape basic truths. MIM has always opposed Democrats and Republicans since 1983. There is nothing persynal about it.

Unlike Obama, I have supported gay rights firmly since 1980. Hence, I credit Meghan McCain for that now — on an issues basis. I also credit Republican Senator Lugar for taking a strong stance on relieving the embargo on Cuba — on an issues basis. That’s how MIM decides things, on a class, nation, gender, war and peace basis.

MIM always opposed the Iraq War. However, now the Democrats’ clumsy maneuvers egged on by egotists in the left-wing of parasitism seek to justify pro-Iraq War Democrats. The clumsiness of these attacks discredits all who have lied against MIM or believed the various egotists. The anti-Iraq war movement has a right to know why Democrats caved to support the Iraq War. Most of the people opposing the Iraq War do not even live in the united $tates. The right to that truth is one more reason to repudiate pseudo-feminism that veers into the ole’ boys’ network. People who like to leave things in fog get in the way of important struggles.

What a joke. The Democrats want to talk about torture and my persynal motivations? Do you really think the anti-war movement is going to buy any of that shit? Think again.

What torture would there have been with a Senate filibuster against the Iraq War?

Obama, I can see you shielding the pro-Iraq War Democrats and their buddies in the Republican Party. It’s another example of getting carried away with persynality and partisanship. The lies and egotism have life-and-death consequences not just for Palestine but for Iraq.


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