DCology update: crony capitalism

The former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft has written for punishing the individuals at the top of corporate frauds while finding ways to allow the corporations to live on for employees and customers.

The Justice Department predicted there would be problems in the current bail-out situation.(1) MIM had also written that what happens when there are bail-outs Amerikan-style is not socialism but crony capitalist corruption. We do not have a vigilant proletariat eager to keep top corporate managers in check. Rather, in the united $tates, the vast majority is too bourgeois to have such motivations.

Also in DCology, the female who had an affair with presidential candidate John Edwards is back in the news(2) and Edwards is under federal investigation for whether Rielle Hunter deserved the money she received from the campaign for her video work.(3)

Rielle Hunter posed as a “fan” of John Edwards, who wanted to work on his campaign. She said he was “hot.”

The Ashcroft article and the forthcoming book by John Edwards’s wife Elizabeth remind MIM to ask what Barack Obama has accomplished that could not have been accomplished by John Edwards or Bill Richardson. Obviously those who answer “health care” or “global warming” already forgot what is standard Democratic Party line. Those who said “bank bailouts” forgot that it was Bush who did them and it has not resulted in socialism or social-democracy, just crony capitalism.

So far we see Obama’s unique accomplishments as follows. 1) He convinced Blacks that race relations are as good as whites think. 2) He greenlighted attacks on Gaza with a Black face on them. 3) He ended gay marriage in California, something that would not have happened in an Edwards vs. McCain race.

The counterrevolutionaries told us it did not matter which class leads, the labor aristocracy or the proletariat, that we should have it both ways. They could not see that Amerikans are concretely exploiters, not exploited and nor could they foresee the global political results of trying to lead with the labor aristocracy. Now we see the results. Obama’s boost to U.$. favorability ratings raise the dollar and make it easier for U.$. exploitation of the world. There is no socialist upsurge. The external conditions for socialist upsurge in the united $tates have been retarded by the Kennedy-Cheney-Obama assault on global class consciousness.

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