An objectively anti-Semitic attack?

MIM has a violent incident to report from the shadows. These reports involve the murk of the ole’ boys network, not the clarity of expository writing.

It appears that Zionists or their cronies started a fire to intimidate me. I don’t know if the arsonists knew or not that the family at the center of their attack has a Jewish mother in it. From my poor understanding of the Jewish religion, that could mean the others descended from that mother count as Jews too.

I would like our comrades abroad to know that while certain circles in the left-wing of parasitism remain in zombie ignorance, Jews are divided between those who see the civil liberties problems Zionism and Crusaderism are causing on the one hand and supporters of never-make-peace Zionism on the other hand. Everywhere we turn we find evidence of the battle. Now it has taken to the radio waves here as well, with many people showing a detailed understanding going back 23 years of what is going on at this moment in struggle. The 24/7 surveillance of MIM is backfiring at this moment as others figure out what has been happening.

That said, I will point to the tea leaves that are least murky. Italian prime minister Berlusconi pointed out Italy’s good relations with I$rael.(1) Then he proceeded into a spat with his ex-wife and the Vatican. He blamed the media for causing his divorce and then said he would take his ex-wife back, because he loves her like “the whole world.”(2) That is an internationalist definition of love and one that MIM applies at this moment.



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