Urgency in the Mideast struggle

To our international comrades, we say the Amerikans are not good at high-pressure political struggle. They are apt to interpret everything persynally and not see the patterns. The rulers work through their state and the major parties against us, and if that is not enough, they also take advantage of surveillance to scare people into working with them in the ole’ boys’ network.

We continue to receive reports not just from the media but elsewhere of negative pressures. There have been intimations of two acts of violence directed against MIM. In other news, from what we understand, the government has been pressuring a former prisoner on probation in connection to us. It’s not a good time to know MIM and be subject to pressure.

The upcoming June 1 meeting of the General Assembly contains good tidings and a hidden card for the Mideast struggle apart from the dollar question to be raised. We urge the initiators of the Arab peace initiative to get what they want this month, before June 1. If that fails, Iran should also have a chance to offer the Amerikans another way to go, for Obama to go above the heads of I$rael. What is I$rael going to do if there is a military embargo and then Hamas releases Shalit, attack the united $tates? If Abbas offers peace, and it is turned down, and Iran offers another solution, and they fail, the Arab peace initiative should be withdrawn this month, before pressures on the Third World camp succeed.


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