The national bourgeoisie and the big dance

The Muslim Brotherhood organization in Egypt has dismissed President Obama’s upcoming June 4th speech on Islam. They say it is an attempt to divide the Middle East to benefit I$rael.(1) We agree in the sense that whatever Obama has, he should prove in changes in relations with the national bourgeoisie by May 31.

Obama has two chances to divide the national bourgeoisie this month. First, Netanyahu can step to the plate and accept Abbas’s peace plan on May 18th.

Second, if I$rael won’t bail out Arab moderates, then a responsible Obama and Congress can reach out to Iran directly to get it to accept a Grand Bargain already discussed.

If on May 31, Obama has not delivered anything substantial for the national bourgeoisie, the national bourgeoisie should go with MIM to the Big Dance. Let’s just make it clear the United $tates had its chances. If it’s going to put something substantial on the plate, the united $tates has a shot at dividing the national bourgeoisie. As of right now, I don’t think Obama has convinced anyone.

Obama may try to cut this or that domestic deal to cover his flanks, but there are a variety of cards that will not be given to him without real change this month. This is no one card game even by MIM.

The fact is that Obama may want to fail on the I$raeli issue, because his training is to put domestic politics first. By failing in the Mideast, Obama can try to anger domestic constituencies and concentrate on his bourgeois career network of egotists. The Arabs and Congress should consider that maybe Obama wants to fail despite nebulous language. They should pressure him to pressure I$rael.



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