A party trial: Ann Arbor history

Considering that the party voted for a trial and investigation and did not get one for reasons of no fault of the party’s, I am disappointed that some people took that as a license to gossip and collaborate with the state over a period of many years. This included sliding over to white leadership with the crypto-Democrats instead of abiding by the orginal party resolutions and waiting for a trial.

By white leadership, I mean that people violated their own cardinal principles, and did not form new organizations to uphold them but joined organizations explicitly opposed to MIM’s cardinal principles, specifically the third cardinal principle.

There was no revolutionary movement of my generation to generalize about, but if Ann Arbor were representative of a generation, then we would have to conclude the Catholics and Muslims scored points on us.

The Catholics separate male and female church leaders. Though MIM fostered a couple worthwhile marriages, there has been much energy wasted by gender struggles.

The Islamic resistance to Western sexuality also would have done better.

The experience with gay-baiting rumors in the relevant time period should have been a warning to anyone serious that COINTELPRO-style efforts were afoot. When someone evidently had something to hide and refused investigation, the presumption should have gone against that persyn.

Like Malcolm X said, you want to work with him, take the knife out of his back first. If you haven’t figured out the truth about discrimination in minority scholarships yet, the reason is that you did not ask the right people.

I had no interest in money, drugs or alcohol, so of course the enemy goes through gender.


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