My state of mind

In the latest gossip I divine a new line of attack against me. I have appeared oblivious up to this point with regard to it. Perhaps I have another line of fault.

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the other side. 20 years ago, my comrades laughed at someone who called me a “powerful man in the community,” when we thought I was making four digits, had four digits in assets and faced beatings and harassments by local security and police.

Apparently what I failed to understand and what those of us who are COINTELPRO-clued in do understand is that I came from Planet Red with a mission to infiltrate the White House. For this reason I have been under surveillance 24/7.

I was fooling my comrades, because actually the whole time I was undertaking the best course of action to build a vita for a career as an elected official. It looked like I did not care about my reputation at all, but secretly I was a crypto-Democratic persynality cultist waiting for my chance to be lynched and re-lynched into office or out-of-office as it suited inter-planetary intelligence.

So it will sound bizarre, but it appears that there is dirt in my background that will prevent my becoming president! Darn! After working so long, I got caught! 25 years of covert work I did, but those inter-planetary counter-intelligence people caught me.

And this dirt is so timely compared with what I will be raising soon in the struggle.

Unfortunately, my interplanetary masters will figure out that once again a damaged bill of diplomatic goods was sold, intentionally — just when they were thinking they figured out this culture enough to make deals with it. Apparently the rulers don’t know from one minute to the next how to evaluate old intelligence.

I understand much of the buzz surrounding me better now. It’s as I said many times before, maximally negative. I’ve already compared myself with Willie Horton, because there are aspects of this that just don’t depend on my reputation. We have always held that being proletarian means doing the right thing without regard to property and special interests, including reputation.

My state of mind is good. I have focus.

Some are complaining I don’t see a doctor. This is a borderline area. The government has wrecked my means of making a living. I think this problem can wait a month.

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