Generalized gender decadence in the news

Yesterday I noted that if MIM’s Ann Arbor experience were expanded to be representative of a generation, then we’d have to conclude Catholics and Muslims scored points on us. It only took one egotistical worker in a state agency and another egotistical ex-comrade to backstab MIM into the situation today where the state can create a giant COINTELPRO-type spectacle to discredit the revolutionary organization.

However, the media correctly pointed out that decadence is a problem in general with gender relations in the united $tates.

Catholic priests are supposed to be chaste, but Rev. Alberto Cutie is in the news for an affair with another Catholic.(1) Another website asked if it is better that Catholic priests end up gay-baited or having gay affairs.(2) Arizona also recently booted out a gay priest.(3)

The media’s point is that when any moral or political movement forms in the united $tates, it ends up bogged down in sexual conflicts. That’s part of understanding imperialism as a decadent system. Nonetheless, it is in the interests of the state to discredit MIM and the interests of the media to build up pornographic interest.

2. See for example,


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