Iran peace overture gets louder

Iran released the U.$.-Iranian journalist Roxana Saberi after four months in captivity for possession of a classified document.(1) Thus, Iran removed an excuse of the Obama administration not to make peace.

Next, Iran’s Foreign Minister said Iran was open to concrete exchanges.

“‘Iran’s stance toward the United States is based on realities. Therefore, our decision will be made according to their practical moves.'”(2)

It was necessary to say that because of the backward labor aristocracy line infesting the communist movement and the entirety of the Democratic Party that supports the Trotskyists and neo-conservatives in seeing Muslims as more deluded than anyone else.

According to Likudnik Caroline Glick at the “Jerusalem Post,” the potential opening to Iran inspired Netanyahu to reach out to Egypt and the Pope regarding Iran’s allies and control of holy sites in Jerusalem respectively.(3) By seeking common ground with Egypt and the Pope, Netanyahu sought to limit Iran’s influence.

When meeting with Netanyahu, Egypt denied the importance of Iran’s nuclear program. This generated media, but probably did not sway the I$raeli labor aristocracy. I$rael’s views of Hamas and Hezbollah appear more in line with what Egypt is saying. Even here in the united $tates, I have gone to a shopping mall to find a key-maker behind the shopping mall in a small room. There at the cash register are cartoons morphing Hamas and Iran into Nazis.

At “Haaretz,” an article appeared immediately to dial down tensions with Iran.(4) Thus we can say Glick responds more to the possibility of a Grand Bargain while “Haaretz” responded more to the possibility of opening the “Moderates Deliver” option.

In relative terms, there was a further dialing back of tension when I$rael said it will not attack Iran till next year.(5) However, such words mean little, because I$rael also sent a message that it would not attack Syria and then bombed Syria in 2007.

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