Career and horse-trading update

I realize I’m being dragged into various discussions, now even Miss California, as the media discusses gender standards. There are a few things I should acknowledge just to show that I’m dealing with reality.

*Yes, I hear that certain decisions have been made in the media on how to handle gender questions.
*Yes, I have noticed people trying to convince me I’m a “choir boy” compared with others who have been in office.
*Yes, I notice that current people have their parallel problems.
*Yes, some of these people tailing me are not really supposed to be die-hard Obamaites, but journalists hoping to catch an assassination or gender conflict.
*Yes, I know that given the scandals I have been woven into, I should normally be seeking a job.

I don’t want a job and I can think of others who could even serve as tokens to monitor international agreements if they did arise.

Those who know me well know that I do not consider myself original, that I’m just more likely to apply things accurately, the labor theory of value for instance. The same is true of history regarding people before me in the exact same situation.

Before I was in my current situation I had already read the history of similar ones, and at that time I believed the interlocking scandal idea was wrong and that one should aim to defeat it. Had I been in a fake abortion situation, I would not be saying that. However, I’m quite sure of what I thought before being involved in these scandals myself.

I’m also sure I have seen signs that things are not as rosy as people say. In that direction, let me say there is not going to be any FBI/CIA/fascist intimidation of me. I’m saying I don’t want public office, because it would be a reward for lynching that Obama and his friends have not cleared up. Whether I take office, leave office or even moderate, that would be a reward for lynching, as people who have studied the relevant history already know. In the other direction, if I were to back down from backing the international united front because of fears of damage to my reputation, that would not be proletarian either. I’m going to back the international united front to the max without taking a job.


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