I$rael asks for Bantustan

Where we stand right now, I$rael is asking Washington to set up a Palestinian Bantustan, a “homeland” “side-by-side” with I$rael, but without land, sea and air rights and other rights accorded to full-fledged states. The earlier clue for this position came when Netanyahu said he is for “progress on the ground” instead of a final status solution.

The media is erring in calling this a “two-state solution.”(1) Such an approach puts the emphasis on hopeful rhetoric that has been so damaging to the Mideast.

Hopefully the Democrats will not misread the signs. There have been many. One hopeful sign is that the Shalit family are no longer requiring that the borders to Gaza stay closed till the return of Shalit.(2) An article in “Haaretz” says “Netanyahu’s only stick to wave at Obama is Iran.”(3)

We’re still for U.$. payment for I$raelis to leave the West Bank. More importantly, as far as we’re concerned, the military embargo, Shalit, unity government and Iran can be handled this month.

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