20th hijacker for 9/11 joke

Wanda Sykes made a joke about Rush Limbaugh being the 20th hijacker for 9/11. The humor fit the Avakian pseudo-communist mold completely in its fear of global polarization against U.$. imperialism. Avakian remarked that the Muslims and neo-conservatives “reinforce” each other.

Sykes also wished kidney failure on Limbaugh. Viewers of the movie “Reds” see John Reed die of kidney failure.

These jokes are another indication of how the pseudo-Maoists came to power to save the system from the MIM-led onslaught.

In the movie “Batman,” we see the Joker do a lot of damage from inside a jail cell. Movies base themselves on audiences’ being willing to suspend disbelief for fiction stories. MIM always said about some of the great villains in some movies, that “if they’re that good, they deserve to win.” Others prefer to see pathetic “good guys” with corruption problems win.

The Sykes joke is another indication that the Democrats are not serious about what they are doing. It’s a slap in the face of the Arabs in particular. The Third World wants to see less jokerism and more seriousness about Palestine.


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