48 hours to Netanyahu summit

“A source close to the talks said the Palestinians seek to bring the Arab states into the negotiations as a third party, in anticipation that it would strengthen the Palestinian position vis-a-vis the U.S. The Palestinians are interested in demonstrating initiative on the part of the Arab states, including renewed involvement by an Arab League delegation in direct talks with Israel as well as other gestures toward normalization.”

The press is setting a low standard, that if Netanyahu says “two states” in 48 hours, Obama can count a success. We ain’t buying it.

Netanyahu will be under the maximum pressure right now till Monday. After that, pressure will be on Obama.

We still see every sign that Netanyahu will oppose two states, talk “road map” and support Bantustans. That will count as another strike.

It also appears to MIM that Obama chose the June 4th date for two possible reasons. One is that he knows unfavorable comparisons are being made between transparency in the united $tates and capitalist China. More importantly, it appears he has given up on preventing severe economic struggle, which is why the date is after the General Assembly meeting.

So we are predicting a strike-out, a resignation to the idea that Obama can only nibble at the margins, hope for nice rhetoric in the newspapers.

Like we said, we ain’t buying.


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