Egotist: blame it on the witch

“That’s what shotguns are for,” said one outraged Pilgrim upon hearing a ghastly rumor. How to conceive of these people of the era of Miltonian poetry? When they get angry, what happens to witches?

What we will find is the patriarchy at work. When a certain man is tired of his friends, he tries to pin the blame for a rumor on the Wiccans, rather than see his favored persyn criticized. He creates a diversion and puts the wrong persyn behind the rumor, because he wants to set up the witch. When asked why he does so and does “he know something I don’t” about Wiccans he denies knowing something, but nonetheless pins the blame on Wiccans, thus leaving the impression he has a persynal connection to the Wiccans, much in line with the history of churches and Wiccans.

So egotists of the patriarchy point to competing churches and their media outlets as the sources of wicked depravity. Of course, the competing churches and media outlets do have a contending interest and make likely suspects. However, the truth was the blame was right there in the patriarchy, nothing godly or sectarian about it at that moment.

Witches know something about lynching from experience.


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