Flushing out bullshit

I find it unlikely that Robert Gates, Dennis Blair or Leon Panetta are responsible for the failures we have seen in the Mideast so far. It’s more likely the politicians’ fault.

They say “fire” can’t be taught. If it were lynched out less, there would be more fire around. There are non-lynched, non-homophobic ex-comrades of mine who could be recruited to be deputies in various departments. Instead of just finding one, certainly two to four could do the work. There are also anti-lynching judges out there.

I took my best shot at trying to help and I don’t expect to be involved in the Mideast after the 31st.

This is not about ideas that Gates lacks to get out of Afghanistan. If it were, he could just hire my ex-comrades. I’m “self-effacing” to stereotype enough to let them do that. This is about the Democrats’ needing my agreement to my own crucification. They also need me to eroticize my own lynching. And on behalf of the interests of all Asian-Amerikans out there, I give you a giant FUCK YOU. 25 years of that shit is enough.


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