The principles of opportunism

The “RCP”-Obama campaign has demonstrated the principles of opportunism.

They came to victory with the following tactics:
1. Knowing what people want to hear and saying it.
2. Backstabbing the revolutionaries.
3. Unaccountability, the ‘ole boys’ network.

Unfortunately, those tactics do not create any change. The “RCP” won’t be accomplishing anything that Bill Richardson could not have done, except that the “RCP” set back the revolutionaries along the way.

Backstabbing works great for campaigns, notso great for diplomatic reputation. Calling everything “academic” besides the three principles of opportunism does not work so well for espionage/counter-espionage, understanding patterns of dynamics of bureaucratic infighting or economics or anything else.

Their principal task was “create public opinion; seize power.” Notice it did not say public opinion for what class or party, nor what kind of power. So they meant seize power for Ted Kennedy and create public opinion from leaked FBI rumors and other opinion leaked from self-interested state officials.

Teaching people to say, “I’m not an expert in Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, so don’t be counting your debate against me as against the party” is teaching unaccountability both at the top and below. The only result can be the racist and patriarchal ‘ole boys’ network.

What the “RCP” did was train people to persynalize things that are not persynal. This kept their followers interested in gossip. This way they would not have to prove intelligent enough to understand even an article as elementary as our article on trade deficit and class struggle and they could write off everything having to do with reality as “academic” — a totally back-assward understanding. If a persyn can’t understand that article, his/her chances of understanding diplomacy, espionage and economics are slight.


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