U.$. elites vs. I$raeli elites

At this moment, we appear to be in a situation of deciding which elite is going to bear the political cost if any rocking of the boat is to occur — the I$raeli elite or the U.$. elite.

MIM has always held that it has to be the U.$. elite. We have always opposed the I$raeli tail wags the dog thesis.

At the moment, we see many signs that the Amerikan elite is willing to pay a political price. We just haven’t seen anything translate into substantial action yet. There is a little of this or that on Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, outposts and the Arab Peace Initiative.

“Haaretz” greeted me with discussion of I$rael’s “American Jewish masters,” a theory we don’t hear much. To set two wrongs right, we can re-shuffle I$rael’s Amerikan Jewish masters. And I can be left not rewarding lynching. That is looking to the future, a future without lynching of dragons.

I$rael’s Amerikan Jewish masters should be the ones to break the blockade and if not, I can help round up some interesting Arabs and Iranians too.


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