A Grander Bargain

Rosen at the “Jerusalem Post”(1) reminds me that I$rael has its own nuclear weapons, but I’d say he lacks imagination about deputies. Amerikan Jews can become I$raelis and then head the Mossad, take over the Shin Bet, Aman etc.

As distinguished from the Gang of Eight that approves torture domestically and internationally, my idea would be a Gang of Eight to shut down warmongering activities in Amerikkka and I$rael — as part of a Grander Bargain. This is no offense to all the existing intelligence officials in Amerikkka and I$rael, just a matter of trust for making a particular bargain and having enough young pieces to see it through.

I would not be talking about any of this if the economic blockade had ended, but no sooner did Netanyahu say Jerusalem was undivided than Obama said that he was rejuvenating war plans against Iran.(2)

Obama and Netanyahu should think about an even grander bargain:

The plus column:
*Iran/Afghan/Iraq deals
*Korea deal
*Somalia and Sudan achieve peace
*Closing Gitmo the smart way

Nailing down the Iran part relaxes Syria, makes it easier to do the final status agreement. Achieving peace in many places helps relax China and Russia. Markets relax.

The price:
*Gang of Eight appointments in DoD, CIA, NSC, Mossad etc. Some of these jobs we take people and put them at deputy level to groom them to move up in a year or two. So think of this as a three year peace deal, a cease-fire leading to a hudna.
*Breaking blockade immediately
*Offensive weapons ban immediately
*Withdraw from Arabian peninsula within three years

In this deal, Iran’s and Egypt’s cards will be taken and that will be a factor in the Palestinian unity talks however they want them to count. It looks like Egypt drives a hard bargain so far, but I’m sure Egypt sees the benefits of this plan.

1. “Response: Israel can no longer serve as America’s deputy,” http://cgis.jpost.com/Blogs/rosner/entry/response_israel_could_no_longer
2. http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=95621&sectionid=351020104


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