Iranian peace overtures

The United $tates and I$rael are frittering away peace opportunities. Caroline Glick has discussed a Likudnik idea of how to obtain peace at this moment before June 4.

She believes that some Islamic states should recognize I$rael as a softener right now and bring terrorists to the Hague.

What would be harder for I$rael to believe is Iran shutting off its electricity program. For that reason if there is a way for Iran, quickly to shut off the enrichment or whatever is being monitored that scares people — I would say Iran should do it unannounced for nine days, May 22 to May 31. That makes it clear that Iran is not the obstacle to peace. Alternatively, if Iran went public with a peace offer, such as a military embargo on I$rael for a cessation of enrichment, that would be good too.

There is a good chance the whole diplomatic story is going to blow in the next few days, well before June 1, because it looks doubtful that Democrats care about anything but bourgeois career making.


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