My persynal role: yeah, I get it now

Yes, I understand the reform and rehab allusions now including back in 2008.

The government can always take in some others first, take some other concrete actions and then try me and Helen of Troy again. Like I have said many times, it’s a matter of corruption in my book, because I already had an opinion about going to power in a lynching before power was dangled in my eyes. If you change your opinion because Y happened, I see it as corruption.

These other things you are talking about I didn’t even know about and so did not weigh them except in the general X factor of white loopiness that goes into my equation. I now weigh them concretely. You have achieved that. Fine.

BTW, there is some definite misrepresentation of what happened in 2008. The Democrats definitely lobbied me on behalf of Helen of Troy in my crucial career discussion. These other questions are being used to cover that up.

Democrats, pass the offensive weapons ban on i$rael; prepare to deliver all goods to Gaza; agree to leave the Arabian peninsula in three years and I’ll help you find someone to add personnel.


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