AIPAC is neutralized, so WHO is the problem?

“Delegates at the recent AIPAC convention dutifully lobbied Congress for the two-state solution. Against whom, one wonders, was this feared group lobbying?”

I’m baffled why Obama has not gone to Congress. Congress can pass a law. Why would it not?
*It wants to block a deal someone wants to make that appoints a lesbian to a high post?
*It wants to be in favor of the internment of Japanese-Amerikans?
*It wants the public to find out why the Democrats are kissing NRA and telecomm ass?
*Democrats would like to be known as incompetent against or complicit with third party infiltration gambits?
*Democrats think the markets will favor them when they find out Pelosi is not as smart as we thought?
*Democrats think gender equality is sending females to do things not allowed in England and Russia?
*They think there is some way to twist and turn out of the rabbithole?


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