Korean solidarity with the Palestinians

According to an Egyptian New Leftist turned lackey of the Camp David accords with Jimmy Carter, the Korean people are at this time as much or more involved in solidarity with Palestinians as anyone, because even the Arab people get tired of the issue sometimes.

President Roh was among those who was in solidarity with the Palestinian people and also those fighting monarchy in Nepal. I had hoped he would live to see a peace treaty between the United $tates and northern Korea to end the Korean War, which is still technically on.

Recent years have seen a surge of anti-Amerikkkanism in Asia. The Koreans and Chinese are in the news for that at the moment. Roh himself asked what was wrong with anti-Americanism and won an election on nationalist bases.

Chinese reports leave considerable doubt on the matter of Roh’s suicide. It appears he may have been killed.

I hope no Koreans feel too much shame on my account. Let us remember that all the fabricated scandals against me involve non-Koreans playing by Western rules or non-rules.

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