Card playing

Past presidents have used the Supreme Court pick to make deals to obtain what they want on other agenda items. Obama did not. When Hillary Clinton received an honorary degree at Yale, Obama went with the Yale law grad that will shore up his Puerto Rican vote, against Clinton who won it handily in the campaign in 2008. That’s nothing to say against Sotomayer, but there is no larger political calculation there.

From this we can see that Palestine is not to be found in Obama’s agenda.

Not only is Obama involved in evading the truth about Palestine, but also he is still trying to diminish Palestinian cards. Zionists claimed victory in U.$. publications; although, that is not a straight-forward matter.

People like this then wonder why there is terrorism.

Obviously, it appears to some that I$rael has the upper hand to the extent of being insurmountable, when I would think that people with a grip on reality would see two cards on the table sufficient to bring about change.

Oh well, when people play 21, they have to show their cards to win or lose. Amerikans can try to cheat on the rules, but it’s not likely the Third World is buying.


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