Bad signs: Abbas to wait a few years

We are seeing bad diplomatic signs. Palestinian leader Abbas has assumed the Fatah party’s usual posture since the Oslo Accords of 1993 of staying in hopeful touch with Amerika and not planning any change now.(1) Unfortunately for Fatah, since the Oslo Accords of 1993 it is understandable that someone has to play the Abbas role of continuing diplomat, no matter how bad things are. That does not mean the rest of us have to be fooled.

Hamas, the party that was the leading vote-getter in Palestine’s last election has denounced Abbas and Obama for the failed April 28 meeting in DC:

“Obama’s words are not enough and are worthless …The meeting did not put any pressure on Israel to end its siege (on Gaza) and stop its settlement activities” in the occupied West Bank, Barhoum added.”(2)

That’s a good indicator of why I will not be having anything to say along the lines of the last few years after Sunday. It’s time to return to simpler revolutionary struggle.

I also agree with Dick Morris on what happened to the Clintons in office under Obama.(3) It’s why I would never take a job except as an after-the-fact monitor to enforce a pre-existing agreement. Even that I don’t really see any reason for, because there are others that think like me that Obama could find. For some tasks he could even use a liberal-radical.

We need to show Hamas and Islamic Jihad that diplomacy matters. That’s the most I can do given the peculiar situation I’ve been placed in. Diplomacy is not just hopeful and bubbly words to paper over Palestinian oppression. If the struggle in solidarity with Palestinians does not have a winning hand, still it’s almost time to show the cards.

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