Solipsism: Avakian and Alinsky persynality politics are defective

In response to our articles on how Obama set new records for creating false consciousness among the oppressed and exploited, Obama said that he agrees with us that his getting a job did not end discrimination against Blacks.

The Black percentage compared with the white percentage in prison and the racial ratio in unemployment did not suddenly change. In fact, under the Obama administration, Black home ownership is declining relative to white ownership. To fix these problems requires more than an individual.

False consciousness we should recall is ideology foisted on people against their interests:

“False consciousness is the Marxist thesis that material and institutional processes in capitalist society are misleading to the proletariat, and to other classes. . . .
This is essentially a result of ideological control which the proletariat either do not know they are under or disregard.”(1)

The problem with Obama is that he is not able to distinguish his individual getting a job and the “good intentions” Avakian taught him matter and the class struggle he led. The class struggle he led put down the real revolutionaries and mobilized Blacks to thinking their struggle is over. It does not matter one whit whether he individually claims to agree with MIM or not. His intentions do not matter, because he led the counterrevolutionary class struggle with a half a billion in advertisements and now all the stupid media stuck on his face.

Being stuck in individual consciousness is called solipsism. Obama and his political parents are unable to distinguish between what makes them feel good as careerists, politicians and white-friendly people and what moves classes of people. The persynality-cult-good-intentions line is good for careers. The example we see now shows how difficult it is for U.$. so-called radicals to think outside the Liberal box.



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