Idaho community college

No one is saying Idaho Community College should be 50%+ Asian. I’ve held the same position for 20 years. It would not be an appropriate use of Idaho Community College’s resources to have mostly Asian students.

Where I have a question is the line between those universities that call themselves “world class” and the rest catering to local customers. The benefit of calling oneself “world class” is competitive. It leads to more research money and an easier time recruiting faculty.

There has always been pressure on the University of Michigan for example, to serve its state residents. By that measure there would be little reason for much of any Asian-Amerikan student population. Yet a state-oriented institution cannot make good on its claim of being “world class.” A university drawing from the student population globally could well be 50% Asian and I have said that for 20 years.

The University of Michigan is one of those that after conflicts with me, continued or started to call itself “world class” in its own official propaganda. Any university that thinks it is in the top 10 or 20 in the United $tates is going to be inclined in that direction. The rest of the world should face up to the marketing facts of life for such institutions. They want the visas to get the students, the prestige that goes with getting them and the research money they can win. These institutions are then going to protect their reputations in connection to fighting a global competition. The rest of the world should be smart enough to know that is all going on.


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