Note to ex-comrades

I see no reason any ex-comrades should be joining the Obama administration.

The ole’ boys’ network has spent more time discussing my sex life in the 1990s than the death tolls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq combined.

The Obama administration wants to prove something to the world, for among other reasons, the fact that other countries holding Liberal dissidents are mocking the United $tates mercilessly for its handling of me.

The way we should help out the pro-U.$. dissidents in the world is by trying to wrap up business here. There is no career for me in the government, but perhaps we can wrap up business other ways.

Although I won’t return to a university community that was so susceptible to lynching, I was an expository writer before matters in the conspiracy turned serious with the lynching and I had a popular website till recently. Integrity for me would be staying an expository writer and running that website again, not necessarily in this country. Perhaps I will find a way to trade into that and defuse things with the dissidents abroad.

All of what has happened to me has happened to others before me, right down into forcing moderation on them. This can be proved if I have to.

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