Reprise: “What David Duke Owes Willie Horton” New York Times 1989

“Credit Lee Atwater, the Republican National Chairman, for responding quickly and unequivocally to the victory of a former Ku Klux Klansman, David Duke, in a Louisiana state legislative election. He called Mr. Duke, who ran as a Republican, a ”charlatan” and urged the party’s national executive committee to censure him.

“But Mr. Atwater, who managed George Bush’s Presidential campaign last year, inescapably bears some responsibility for making the Republicans vulnerable to such racist infiltration. So do other Republicans.

“Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were pleased to pursue a Southern strategy to attract whites resentful of civil rights progress. Mr. Atwater went further in the 1988 campaign by projecting the issue of Willie Horton, the black Massachusetts convict who committed crimes on a prison furlough, in ways that stirred racial fears – to Republican advantage.”(1)

There was also November 4 1988:

“When it became known that a prominent adviser to Vice President Bush’s campaign had once made a count of Jews in the Bureau of Labor Statistics for President Nixon, the campaign dropped him in a flash. When five Bush advisory committee members were accused of anti-Semitic activities, the campaign dropped them in a flash.

“But when Bush supporters ran an anti-Dukakis TV commercial playing on fears of black criminals, it took three weeks for the campaign to disapprove. And when the Maryland Republican Party put the same twist in a scurrilous fund-raising letter, it took the campaign six weeks to disapprove.”(2)

Now we should have what “David Duke Owes the New York Times.” The standard has been set. Even convicted murderers and rapists should not be used for campaign purposes.

The only problem is that the New York Times took longer than six weeks for our problem of 2008-9.



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