Nice going counterrevolutionaries: III

*See also, “Nice Going Counterrevolutionaries, II”
*See also, “Nice Going Counterrevolutionaries I”

A survey released Monday shows that Obama’s rating among Palestinians could be interpreted as lower than Bush’s was.(1)

On June 4th, Obama is to speak in Egypt. A poll of 1000 shows that approval of U.$. leadership up from 6% in 2008 to 25% now.(2) That’s just what spending a half a billion campaigning gets the counterrevolutionaries, because obviously Obama has not accomplished anything regarding Egyptian grievances.

39% of Egyptians have some or a lot of confidence Obama will do the right thing in international affairs.(3)

The horrific invasion of Gaza at the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 by the I$raelis did not make much or any dent in U.$. public opinion of I$rael,(4) contrary to liars saying there is an “objectively revolutionary majority” in the united $tates. That’s why it is up to the Third World to mobilize.

The Palestinians themselves are a bright spot in resisting the false consciousness that Obama and his phony communist comrades have spread. 72% said it did not matter if McCain or Obama were president. In fact, in Lebanon and Palestine, figures of approval for Obama are down from Bush levels previously recorded.(1)

Obama raised approval ratings for U.$. leadership in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Mauritania and Syria.(1) That’s exactly as MIM predicted before the election, that these phony communists who mimic MIM do so to maximize imperialism’s support. If the oppressed and exploited see through imperialism now, there won’t be many more tricks in the bag the Amerikans can pull out.

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