The vicious cycle of sectarian racism

If the media does not point out racism by Democrats, then it goes without saying that in a bourgeois electoral system Republicans are not going to take up the fight against racism. There is no reward, because no matter what happens, the media pretends nothing happened. The interests of the Democratic Party are considered higher than the interests of the anti-racist fight.

The natural result of one-party blindness to racism is racism in that party. It is also how Democrats running the media reinforce racism in the Republican Party. McCain has been lynched twice on this point already.

We now have had Palin as vice-presidential candidate and everyone can visualize Bobby Jindal as president. Yet at this time, the racist Democrats cling to their 1960s paradigm in which Republicans block civil rights legislation and that is all that is happening. This is despite the fact that at the student government level, Amerikans long ago accepted more than one party for Liberal diversity.

The real problem is that there is no left-wing in the united $tates at all. Opposing exploitation, lynching and colonialism is left-wing. The Liberals say they cannot oppose exploitation, because they are pro-capitalist. Then we ask them to oppose lynching, but they can’t because Democrats lynch to get themselves office. Then we ask them can they at least oppose colonialism, and Pelosi, Reid and Obama say “no,” because they are tight allies with I$rael.

It is not the rest of the world confused. It is the united $tates.

So I’m supposed to have taken a job with the Democrats. And what is that job for — to accept lynching in order that I can fight for gun control, to name a Democratic Party stance. We’re also supposed to get excited over judge Sotomayer; even though, she only favored a discrimination complaint in one case out of 96 when the other judges did not.(1) For the power to make such an appointment, we are all supposed to go along with the continuation of the lynching system.

The political morons here still can’t get over pseudo-Marxist ideas about uniting a non-existent exploited class by overcoming “wedge issues,” by which they mean giving up the fight against lynching and for gay marriage rights for example. By extension, since the majority is favorable to I$rael, Obama puts no political capital on the line for Palestine. The result of the pseudo-Marxist line is just Amerikan nationalism, no progress.

The unprincipled careerists we have instead of a Left do not understand that there is no reason to give in to majority hatred. Mark Foley and Larry Craig gave examples that even dogshit Democrats should be able to understand.

Left out of the nationalist discourse entirely is the fact that maybe wedge issues could actually benefit the oppressed nations outside U.$. borders. The problem for the Palestinians is that Amerikans are too united. Neither party favors them. If there were some powerful wedge issues, maybe the Palestinians could manipulate them from outside and get a break.

With all the cards that are on the line, with all the possibilities for progressive change — the Democrats stand exposed as simply unwilling. No one can say I didn’t warn them.



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