Time to see the cards

I’m guessing that History dealt me the best hand ever to deal with a certain problem. Yet, I still failed. I cannot say if people made too much of my own ambition or persynal motivations, so I withdrew from any possibility of direct involvement in intra-government or inter-government matters on May 31.

In the past few weeks, let me admit that the reformists chipped in their own cards. Cards came in from a couple generals, a department director and even a twinkie and an oreo.

I hear talk about Obama needing two years or hoping to finish a job in 2012. However, by that time, the conditions will be different and there will be new cards for both sides. It’s time to see the last round of cards, which Bush, Obama, Pelosi and Reid told me was a losing hand on my part.

I have seen the cards discussed in the media in scattered aesopian fashion. Now is the time for news stories. Below I list my email address to confirm details if the media needs any.

I also call on everyone to support attorneys representing Muslim clients. Even people who do not agree with the clients should do so, because sometimes there is no other way to bring information to the public. The U.$. media must no longer succeed in squelching needed truth.

I am available to advise attorneys on who to subpoena and what to ask regarding the “war on terror”–Gitmo and 9/11 in particular. The media and attorneys should contact me at mimdown@gmail.com. Those who know that I am one who should be contacted in such matters should spread the word to the attorneys of concern.

Henry Park


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