Attention Democratic Party mafia

The day after I met with a real estate agent to discuss selling my house, I received another threat from Democrats.

“The issue is whether the government will impose any effective regulation to go along with its subsidies. This is comparable to getting a home inspection before buying a house. The decision to buy the house began with the decision to enter the housing market, not the decision to get the inspection.”(1)

The author is Dean Baker, a Democratic activist who knows me persynally.

The threat is a follow-up on the city manager’s threat to declare my steps not up to code, after I asked for documentation that tickets and taxes are paid off. The city policy is not to document anything and in fact it recently instituted a policy that one cannot get a tax payment history print-out at City Hall without writing for it.

The local attack of Democrats and mafia extends to my contractors trying to impress their Democratic masters.

If there is anymore shit on this front–whether it be contractor or real estate related–there is going to be an increase in discussion of the last tenants I had. I have plenty of recourse to open more areas of race-related inquiry.

1. Dean Baker, “The financial regulation problem: lack of accountability,”
It is well known that the Democratic lynching activist that helped Obama get elected I have said lacked accountability because she failed to tell me what the rape supposedly was and fled from questioning.


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