China tackles Google on pornography

We do not regard China as socialist; however, on Friday it tackled Google for profiting from pornography-related traffic. Reports say that computers in China must have software that block out pornography.

In contrast, the FBI this week attacked a single individual of unpopular political views for unspecified child pornography.

“Freedom” in the united $tates means that most men use pornography and as a result of how it is distributed, most men access child pornography spliced into regular pornography. However, there is freedom for some users and not for those singled out by the political police. This is a typical problem of Liberalism.

The proper approach is the dictatorship of the proletariat. To start with, 99.9% of pornography would disappear once profit became illegal. That’s not to mention drug and arms trade.

Contrary to what the pornographers say, we would not see wimmin taking their clothes off for pure sexual expression in front of a camera. There is very little drive among females that way. It takes money.

Selectively repressive authoritarians are taking advantage of the child pornography inevitably produced by profit-hungry capitalism. The result is inevitably more politically biased than would be the case if the trade had its profit-root cut off.



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