Gook-killer generation unity: politicians and media both

Bob Dole and George Bush Sr. are World War II veterans and retired. So too are the Korean War veterans generally out of the political picture. What we have is the rule of the Vietnam killers, the open ones and the remnants of an anti-war movement that obsessed more about five digits of Amerikans dying than the seven digit figure of Vietnamese Amerikkkans killed in the 1960s.

Today Vietnam War vet John McCain backed war on Korea. He has called for boarding northern Korean ships;(1) even though, he knows that northern Korea has promised a military response for a military response. It makes one wonder why China allowed McCain’s pick of ambassador from the United $tates.

This was not the first new war suggested by the Obama administration, which is provocatively following Korean ships around in the ocean. There was also the suggestion to go “onshore” in Somalia to chase down pirates.(2)

That’s not to mention the ongoing bombing in Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Yankees used to tell us communism was the reason for these wars. Now there is no Soviet Union, so Islam is the new excuse for imperialism.

It is no accident that MIM’s website got taken down by Democrats when it turned to expanding its articles and section on anti-Asian racism and spying on MIM. The stupid ones will say that when I write about everything else it’s OK, but when I write about Asians it’s “identity politics.” Fuck them: I am long on record saying that those of Korean ethnicity born only because of the U.$. intervention in Korea should not be for identity politics, because it would have been better not to have the Korean War than to have various identities to defend.




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