Aesopian junk update

English news has been interesting.

Varying editions of news on Henry VIII’s divorce have appeared in British and Amerikkkan presses. Current interpreters say Henry VIII paved the way for English skepticism of the Pope and Europe in general.(1)

Then we heard about the upcoming “show trials” in England.(2) And we wondered if Gordon Brown did not know the expenses scandal was the worst in 300 years, not 200.

Yesterday, the “Guardian” backpedalled.

“In a setback for Brown, who had hoped the inquiry would be held in private, Sir John Chilcot has ruled that all witnesses will be expected to give evidence in public. This will apply across the board unless there are “compelling reasons” in a small number of cases for evidence to be heard in private. This would be if evidence could jeopardise national security or upset allies.”(3) (emphasis ours)

The BBC reports the question as open still.(4)

Tony Blair says a Mideast peace deal could be reached in a year.(5) Somehow the imperialists always need another year. I would say you play a hand of cards, show the cards and then assemble another hand for the next round. Fayyad can have his two years and others can see what is a losing hand.

English aesopian exchange was fun while it lasted.

1. Marta Falconi, AP, “Replica of letter on Henry VIII divorce unveiled,” 23June09.
2. 22June09.
3. Nicholas Watt, “Public grilling for Gordon Brown and Tony Blair in Iraq inquiry,”


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