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Out-of-wedlock births in Iran

July 31, 2009

*See also, our article on deaths from adultery in the United $tates compared with Iran

According to the Neo-Conservative Reader edited by Mark Gerson, “‘Illegitimacy is therefore ‘the single most important social problem of our time.'” That’s what they say in the United $tates, because the code language is against Blacks; however, MIM takes the neo-conservatives seriously despite knowing better and we show readers where there is lower out-of-wedlock birth — Iran.

It’s no secret that the neo-conservatives saying that out-of-wedlock births is the pre-eminent issue of our time are the same ones trying to ruin Iran by exporting U.$. gender patterns to Iran via war. Now the United $tates whips up hoopla over the assassination of Neda in Iran, with the false underlying national chauvinist assumption that “our” gender ideas are better than Iran’s.

Meanwhile here is what some Iranians had to say looking at U.$. birth patterns.

“High-school pregnancies, once a mark of shame, have become a badge of honor–and proved no barrier to Sarah Palin’s campaign. The new mood, fostered by Bush’s family and economic policies, is not confined to the rural South, but is apparent even in affluent Massachusetts. Now many fear the trend is threatening to erode hard-won women’s rights, Guardian reported.”(1)

This impression of some Iranian writers is backed by facts. Almost 40% of U.$. births in 2007 went to unwed mothers.(2) By contrast, MIM estimates that less (probably much less) than 11% of Iranian births are out-of-wedlock, based on a survey of 1500 male teens in Iran. According to Marie Ladier-Fouladi “fertility outside marriage is non-existent” in Iran. (3) By this measure, Amerikkkans should know when to shut up. What goes with Amerikan attitudes toward “gender equality” is a huge dead-beat dad problem. Amerikan pseudo-feminists prefer to use billboards and attitude posturing against dead-beat dads, but Third World people want to make sure that fathers have a stake in their children and avoid having matters going that far.

True, Iranians come off as odd to Amerikkkans on sex issues, but the real problem is that the general rich male privilege of sex for its own sake is not secure in a country where the average income is under $10,000 per capita, not to mention $3000 per capita. Sex for its own sake in Iran threatens the physical welfare of children in a way that is impossible even for single mothers in the exploiter United $tates.

“Homosexuality is not accepted in Islamic contexts and is considered as a crime. Children should have a family with both mother and father, unless they lose one of them or both. In the latter situation Islamic court will hand over the custody of the child to someone else like uncle or grandfather.
Conclusion: We concluded that according to Islam and Iran’s law, fertility treatment cannot be offered to single mothers and homosexuals mostly because of welfare of the child.”(4)

When Western Liberals read the above, they hear only repression of homosexuals, but in fact, all sex for its own sake is being repressed, through the use of the burka and rules against singles and gays/lesbians.

Iran acknowledges the existence of single mothers who have unregistered marriages, especially holdover marriages from “temporary marriages” once encouraged in Iran for youth. Nonetheless, there is a strong prohibition on single motherhood and the state will not condone fertility treatment for single mothers.

“The question is if the single mother is accepted, why the infertility treatment is limited to the married couples? The answer is; the basis for accepting a fatherless child for registry and giving the ID is the welfare of the child and prevention of any possible psychological and social problems for the child in the future, considering that fatherless child is a social fact that can not be prevented. On the other hand, efforts to make a fatherless child are completely against the welfare of the child.”(4)

The influence of the family is still strong in Iran, compared with the United $tates. 89% of 1500 male teens in Tehran aged 15-18 still lived with both parents. Only 1% lived independently and 10% with one parent. That contrasts with a volatile situation in the United $tates, where the Census Bureau is having to decide whether a female living with a boyfriend has a second parent looking after her kids. The 2000 Census counted 26.7% of children living with only one parent in the United $tates, compared with 10% of late teen boys in Tehran.(5)

The same male teens polled in Tehran expressed strong disapproval of homosexuality, 69%, compared with 56% who also strongly believe young wimmin should not have sex before marriage. There is a little more edge to Iranian homophobia than to its general sexual repressiveness, but mostly, we can see that Iran practices opposition to sex for its own sake, as is not surprising for a country where people live closer to the economic edge. The Iranian reading of Islam fits its economic position: “Sexual action is encouraged between husband and wife not only as a step toward procreation, but also as a completely natural activity within marriage. On the contrary, it is condemned outside marriage and between same sexes.”(4)

According to Jocelyn DeYoung et. al., Arab wimmin are over one-half illiterate, but Iranian wimmin are actually 92% literate (6) thanks to advances since the Iranian Revolution in the rural areas. Nonetheless, DeYoung et. al. reported figures as low as 4% college age sexual activity in the Arab countries.

Also contrary to stereotype, it was the religious leaders of Iran who led the family planning responsible for a decrease in fertility.(7) For that matter, it was under the Islamic Revolution when Iranian wimmin achieved their highest educational equality yet.(8) The decline of the fertility rate and the advance in wimmin’s education co-verify each other for those familiar with social data. Various sources report that teen fertility has declined(9) and first-age of marriage has risen in Iran.

Ironically, in 2000, for which we have comparative data, the total teen fertility rate was higher in the United $tates than in Iran, with 1000 15-19 year-old females generating 43 births in 2002 in the United $tates and 35 in 2000 in Iran.(9)

The reason you our readers have to hear from MIM on this is that comparative feminism is unheard of in the United $tates. Supposed feminists such as Phyllis Chesler and Andrea Dworkin are really women’s department heads in the white nationalist movements. Thinking internationally in U.$. pseudo-feminism means buying token females from each country with Rockefeller money, in a gesture of “inclusiveness.” There was no one other than MIM to get up before the war on Afghanistan or the covert operations against Iran and say that what is being done in the name of Western feminism is not feminism.

In the midst of the U.$. attack on Iraq, neo-conservative diplomat John Bolton said “real men go to Iran.” It is safe to say that the media clamor from the United $tates about gender conditions in Iran stems from the same fucked up militarist place, not from any knowledge or thought about what would be good for Iranian wimmin.


38.5% in 2006:

3. Published by a French demographic institute:
Marie Ladier-Fouladi , “The Fertility Transition in Iran,” Population: An English Selection, Vol. 9, (1997), pp. 191-213.

89% of male teens still live with both parents in Iran. Only 11% have a single parent or no parent. When we count deaths of parents along the way or divorces, the maximum possible illegitmacy rate has to be below 11% for those boys aged 14-18 studied. See footnote 5 for the source.

Another way of getting at this problem is looking at fertility figures by marital status.

“The bulk of fertility decline in Iran during 1990s happened within marriage. Marital fertility
decline counted for about 85 percent of total decline through the 1986-2000 periods
(Aghajanian and Mehryar, 2005). The rest of fertility decline was due to deferred female

Akbar Aghajanian & AmirH. Mehryar, “The Pace of Fertility Decline in Iran:
Finding from the Demographic and Health Survey,” Journal of Comparative Family Studies; Spring2007, Vol. 38 Issue 2, pp. 255-264.
The same article above says that Iran’s decline in fertility is the fastest in the world’s history.

Hassan Hakimian is so confident that illegitimate births are hardly an issue, that he sees the later marriage age as a partial contributing factor to decreased overall fertility, but even so, chalks up 90% to what is going on inside Iranian marriages. “From Demographic Transition to Fertility Boom and
Bust: Iran in the 1980s and 1990s,” Development & Change; May2006, Vol. 37 Issue 3, pp. 571-597.

For an argument that Western gender status is inferior to Iranian, see

4. Samani, RO, Dizaj, AVT, Moalem, MRR, Merghati, ST, Alizadeh, L
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See, for an objection to not counting unmarried boyfriends.

The comparison I made is biased toward the United $tates, because I compared children generally with late teen children in Iran. It is obviously more difficult to survive with an intact family into late teenhood than in an average that includes babies less than a year old. The longer time goes on, the more failed romances and accidental death plays a role.

6. Jocelyn DeJong, Rana Jawad, Iman Mortagy and Bonnie Shepard, “The Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young People in the Arab Countries and Iran,” Reproductive Health Matters, Vol. 13, No. 25, Implementing ICPD: What’s Happening in Countries: Maternal Health and Family Planning (May, 2005), pp. 49-59.

7. Kevin McQuillan, “When Does Religion Influence Fertility?” Population and Development Review, Vol. 30, No. 1 (Mar., 2004), pp. 42-3.

8. Golnar Mehran, “The Paradox of Tradition and Modernity in Female Education in the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Comparative Education Review, Vol. 47, No. 3 (Aug., 2003), pp. 269-286.



Charles Schumer and the Mideast

July 29, 2009

In a previous article we mentioned how Schumer is the liberal Democrat senator from New York who is a member of the Zionist lobbygroup AIPAC. When he saw the international united front landing hammer blows on the Bush administration, he joined in to make sure that Zionists also obtained some credit with the election of Democrats in 2008. Schumer’s contribution was to make a bank go under.

That is standard operating procedure for diplomacy — not to let the credit go all to one side.

Schumer was also behind another effort responding specifically to MIM articles on Bubba and oil prices. We had pointed out before that it is dubious whether there is even a price elasticity for oil, because spending for oil is so inflexible. Part of the equation is that Bubba would rather drive a pickup truck than admit to Japanese superiority in sedans.

Schumer noticed and sought to bribe Bubba to drive a sedan by arranging the “cash for clunkers” program that takes old inefficient gas-guzzlers off the road and gives Bubba a $3500 or $4500 incentive to get a car with miles per gallon above 20. In effect, the federal government now borrows money from Japan to bribe Bubba out of anti-Japanese racism. At this moment, we do not know how well the program will work.

In the 1980s, anti-Japanese chauvinism rose and passed anti-Soviet chauvinism in the Gorbachev era, according to polls. The New York Times reported one in 1990:

“Older Americans, those with more direct memories of World War II, are more likely than younger ones to express negative views toward Japan. But nearly one in five younger Americans now say they have an unfavorable view.

“Fears Voiced in Colorado

“When Jennifer Albright of Denver buys a ticket on the ski lift, she frets that the money is leaving Colorado and going to the resort’s new owners, in Japan, she said.

”’I think they’re buying up a lot of the United States,’ said Ms. Albright, a 25-year-old accountant for a printing company in Denver. Ms. Albright made her comments in an interview in the poll and expanded on her answer a few days later. ‘I know they are here in Colorado. We’ve lost several ski resorts and real estate properties. It seems like they’re investing a lot of money in our country and not letting us do that in theirs. It seems the United States isn’t reinvesting in our own country and we’re letting other countries buy us up. Bush needs to do something to stop it.’ . . .

“The latest rise in antagonism toward Japan coincides neatly with the decline in fear of the Russians and the soaring popularity of President Mikhail S. Gorbachev in this country. But the response is more complicated than a simple replacement of one foreign enemy with another; what Americans themselves make clear is that the end of the cold war has freed them to worry about other problems.

”’The Russians aren’t the threat they used to be,’ said Anthony Peone, 39, of Brockport, N.Y. ‘We ought to quit subsidizing Japan.'”

That’s how it was in 1990.

Now the imperialists have realized they have to prioritize their anti-Arab chauvinism above anti-Japanese chauvinism; although, we have yet to see whether that can really work.

The New York Times discussed MIM’s idea about the problem of oil prices and the dollar allegorically before the cash-for-clunkers program.

The cash-for-clunkers program is a specific imperialist attempt to influence the labor aristocracy and prepare U.$. imperialism for the next phase of class struggle. It’s an example of how the international united front should not dawdle, because eventually, even Bubba and glaciers do move.

MICHAEL ORESKES, “Poll Detects Erosion of Positive Attitudes Toward Japan Among Americans,”
New York Times 6Feb90, p. b7.

Where is the NRA? Henry Gates III

July 28, 2009

I did a search on Google News and found no articles about the NRA and Henry Gates. I did find this joke in a regular Google search: “NRA Backs Professor Gates!”(1)

The way the 2nd Amendment and 4th Amendment in the “Bill of Rights” are supposed to work together, Henry Gates’s friend should have had a shotgun and then we’d see how long the cop Crowley (a Satanic conspiracy name if ever there was one (2)) would have stuck around to pin a tyrannical disorderly conduct arrest on Gates at his own house.

Had Gates blown away the uninvited cop, he only would have followed prior legal precedent, sofar unmentioned in the press full of narrative-discoursing journalists uninformed about the law. A jury found Baton Rouge man Rodney Peairs not guilty of even manslaughter for killing a Japanese student visitor Yoshihiro Hattori, who asked for directions to a Halloween party.(3) That idea of “king of the castle” is found in cases across-the-country. Ooops, except that journalists and politicians conspire to act as if police are not subject to the same law and we know it does not count for white people anyway.

Had Gates asked Crowley to leave before killing him, Gates probably would not have had to pay $650,000 in civil case costs as in the Yoshihiro Hattori case. But in a fair world, Gates would have killed Crowley first, asked questions later and maybe had to pay a civil case penalty.

The Henry Gates case proves the racism of the Republican Party, which usually does whatever the NRA asks. In this case, Republicans are falling over themselves to side with police. Michigan House Rep. Thaddeus McCotter is asking Obama to apologize for calling the arrest “stupid”(4) as are other House Republicans. Meanwhile, Democrats do not even bother reciting cases or statistics and offer us post-modernism on story-telling of individuals, in order to make systemic racism appear to go away. It’s tag-team racism with both parties missing the mark but reinforcing each other.

1. “

Mea culpa on the media

July 27, 2009

I’m usually the first to cross-check social data against social data. In the case of the party identification of the media, I took self-report seriously and went along with the surveys saying there is no Democratic Party bias in the media. That was my mistake.

The media may have jumped on the Monica Lewinsky story way more than it should have, but that is something the media does with all sex stories, in order to make money.

In the back of my mind, I knew it was impossible for the type of college-educated people at the top of the media to be Republicans, even if they say they are for polls’ sakes. There just aren’t enough people able to write a sentence that could be Republicans in the media. We can know that from looking at party identification at elite universities and by major. Some like myself will also find out that surveys show Republicans extinct at our alma maters, so we should question the surveys showing Republicans not extinct in the media.

That’s not to say that someone covering potholes in Idaho or Oklahoma local newspapers is not a Republican, but the likelihood that real Republicans play much role except in business decisions is exceedingly low for real national politics. Even worse, the people who should stick to theater and restaurant reviews will also be from the “humanities” majors tending to be Democrats — and they will end up deciding issues of national politics.

It’s clear from practice that the national media is in the Democratic Party tank. Some will say it’s the Republicans’ own fault for not having any appeal to intellectuals or literati. I would add that the deck is stacked, because Republicans would not put up with the low salaries of teachers or journalists. However one places the blame, one needs to know the truth.

Henry Gates arrest II

July 27, 2009

Today, July 27, 2009, CNN television ran repeat headlines that the female caller to Cambridge, Massachusetts 911 who pointed suspicion at top Afro-Am scholar Henry Gates did not mention race. In fact, the call said “two men” were trying to break into a house. Thank you CNN:

(It would not surprise me if the caller were rich Black or rich Asian-descended. It would not change the structure of such situations as being racist.)

It should be a slamdunk case of false arrest, the disorderly conduct charge being a typical post-hoc rationalization by a cop. By all rights, Gates should have asked the cop to leave — no arrest warrant, no search warrant. If the cop did not leave, Gates would have been in his legal rights to kill the cop, contrary to what upper-middle-class-females-ignorant-of-the-law might think from reading their Spiegel catalogues.

There is no way this case should be “balanced” in order to deny oppressed nationalities the rights enjoyed at home accorded to whites.

Take that Maureen Dowd.

Allegorical update

July 27, 2009

1. We are currently in a situation that has happened many times before, where the United $tates has to evaluate its diplomatic hand and try to remove cards from those not in the White House administration. There occurs a game of bluff and counter-bluff regarding what cards exist or do not exist.

In this context Joe Biden says Russia has recently weakened: “Biden said domestic troubles are the most important factor driving Russia’s new global outlook.

‘I think we vastly underestimate the hand that we hold,’ he said.”

MIM does not get involved in this. If the White House does not have CIA and Defense analysts who can tell them the value of various geo-political constellations and if the White House does not know how to listen to the accurate analysts and how the dots are really connected, we do not believe the international united front benefits from boasting. An accurate analysis would have expanded on MIM’s “Grander Bargain” that we offered, not cut it back. Nonetheless, we’re not going to “go there.” From long experience, we know it does not pay to try to sell an executive on analysis. There is simply an inherent weakness in capitalist leadership structures.

I do think it is true that Russia historically leans Democratic like the European labor aristocracy. There are certainly indications in the media that the rulers see Obama as soft on Russia in particular.

2. I would like to acknowledge again a number of maneuvers within the old boys’ network to give me a shot at a political career. There was even covert action on the floor of the House on my behalf. Nonetheless, I regard myself as more of a proven substance than the people I’m being asked to trust. For this reason, I believe change can just happen if people are serious about diplomacy, which in the end, is not a partisan affair.

3. In the asleep while walking department,

“Clinton said of the North Koreans to ABC News earlier this week. ‘And maybe it’s the mother in me or the experience that I’ve had with small children and unruly teenagers and people who are demanding attention: Don’t give it to them, they don’t deserve it; they are acting out.’ As a final tweak, Clinton declared Thursday that ‘they have no friends left.'”

I don’t know if this illuminates anything for anyone or not.

4. Speaking of plumbers, Megan McCain clarified on Joe-the-Plumber that he is a “dumbass” who “should stick to plumbing.”

5. The day after I raised the question of the CNN/actual world? typo regarding Obama’s birth certificate, the New York Times ran an editorial with a headline on typos and disqualifying candidates. Here in the United $tates we are weenies about a lot of paper-shuffling rules. If Obama went to the government to ask for a driver’s license in 1979, he would not have received it with a birth certificate dated 1964.

6. Let me admit that I’m not working on politics full-time and can’t imagine doing so till sooner than late September.

Female arrest rates and politics

July 26, 2009

There is something off about Maureen Dowd’s July 25 editorial in the New York Times. For her, the arrest of Harvard Department of African and African-American Studies scholar Henry Gates is about race, class and testosterone.(1)

Speaking for myself, the arrest was about creating something enabling the media to raise race in a trivializing manner, because when I was watching CNN television news, other stories of much greater racist import received short shrift. It were as if to tell the world, “and the worst thing that ever happens is that a Black man at his mansion gets arrested and then the president, governor and mayor apologize.” Nonetheless, I realize this angle starting from the international stories that CNN was covering or not covering does not interest most Amerikans.

So, to return to the Maureen Dowd angle, the persyn who called in the complaint on Henry Gates was a female. Then, a female writer gets to step back and snicker over what her female species set off.

I did not see any news coverage where people asked why this female felt entitled to call in a complaint. Obviously she did not know who lived at Gates’s house or if she did, she was creating a conspiracy for media or other purposes. In the conspiracy-free assumption, someone who does not know what she is talking about feels free to make an accusation. Yet, Maureen Dowd says testosterone is to blame.

Save the female is deeply ingrained as a gender role in Amerikan culture.

Maureen Dowd might have done better to ask the role of stultifying gender roles in reinforcing racism. Just as Avakian/Kasama feel free to entice pseudo-Maoists who don’t know what they are talking about in class and international politics, white privilege dictates that accusations can arise out of thin air. The female who called in the complaint obviously never spoke to Gates, if we assume no conspiracy in this news story.

One of the reasons that Amerikan females relative to males do not understand the state is that gender roles protect them from interaction with the state. An amazing example that I witnessed was a young female who organized a drugs and alcohol party, only to call the police on her own party in the wee hours, while in an intoxicated state herself. She obviously did not think police would arrest her. It was only years later that I learned there is a statistical basis for her to think so. (I organized people to depart.)

Years later, I would learn in one large study that given a male using cocaine and female using cocaine in the inner city, the male faced a 1000 times higher probability of arrest. This is consistent with the patriarchy’s seeing females as for sexual access, not prison, something I have been teaching, regardless of whether people like to hear it or not, since the 1980s.

One exception for arrest rates is runaways. Female runaways are more likely to be arrested than males, again, mostly because adults are more afraid of what happens to female runaways, a protection angle that would make the director of “King Kong” proud. The same authors who reported that also found that male juveniles have consistently faced drug arrests at a five or six times higher rate than females since the 1980s.(2)

If one wants to know why females view the state as protective, one can start with the discrimination against males in arrest rates. This in turn will explain why revolutionary males have some tension with females, as do any males finding themselves in unconscious opposition to the state. There is a real reason, other than disproportionate military service by males, that females do not “get” the state. To say that oppression is additive with females as most oppressed is to deny that Black females face less pay discrimination and have higher graduation rates and lower arrest rates than Black males. It’s not just a testosterone joke.

2. Joan McCord, Cathy Spatz Widom, Nancy A. Crowell, Juvenile Crime, Juvenile Justice Panel on Juvenile Crime: Prevention, Treatment, and Control, National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Law and Justice.

Nice going counterrevolutionaries V

July 25, 2009

Or, how egotism leads to national chauvinism in practice in the imperialist countries

*“Nice Going Counterrevolutionaries IV” (Abortion)
*See also, “Nice Going Counterrevolutionaries: III” (Arab countries)
*See also, “Nice Going Counterrevolutionaries: II” (Blacks)
*See also, “Nice Going Counterrevolutionaries: I” (Latin America)

It would have been the greatest blunder in communist history, but the Obama campaign was not a mistake. Rather than blunder it was an historic victory for counterrevolution. Although the rollback of the French Revolution and then Napoleon involved more blood (with this point in Obama’s administration as the comparison point), the Obama campaign has reached a higher number of people and a greater percentage of the planet than the counterrevolution in Europe. It remains to be seen whether the setback will end up being that crucial delay which prevents the introduction of socialism and thereby dooms the species to an early death.

“USA Today’s” web page front page says this on July 24, 2009: “Obama’s soaring popularity has significantly boosted attitudes toward the United States in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.”(1)

It goes without saying that with the left-wing of parasitism line, Obama was going to cement relations with Europe. Labor aristocracy solidarity translates to geopolitical unity of all the imperialists except possibly Russia.

No thought came from the Avakian zombies about how the Third World utilizes contradictions between the United $tates and Europe, as in the Palestinian example. No such thought occurred, because the left-wing of parasitism trudges on for 50%+1 or even 90% of the Amerikan population’s support and the counter-insurgency experts in DC eat it up. Obama is all about uniting the exploiters.

Across the world, mostly the international petty-bourgeoisie identifies with Obama to “do the right thing in foreign affairs” more than Bush Jr. in the 2008 poll. Numbers range from a 21 point bump in Poland to a 79 percentage point bump in Germany. It is in Europe, where the Black man Obama has done the most for U.$. image, a clear indication that the Obama phenomenon is bourgeois, not racial. As we said during the campaign, Obama won on a straight-up exploiter basis. Readings are up 78 points in France, 70 points in Britain and and 64 points in Spain– a clear indication that Obama has won the global labor aristocracy back to U.$. leadership.

Despite his family roots in Kenya, Obama received one of his lowest bounces above Bush there, 22 points. Depending on the question asked it appears Obama made no headway in Palestine, Pakistan and I$rael. Furthermore, to be down only one point in I$rael from George W. Bush shows how too much is made of Obama’s anti-colonial credentials. The difference is statistically insignificant, just as there is just about one percentage point’s difference among George W. Bush, Obama, Avakian and Kasama on the Mideast in practice.

At the same time, the false consciousness in Kenya is plain in that it is the only country with a majority other than the United $tates and I$rael to approve Obama’s decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. Obama can take credit for the Kenyan people’s move into the U.$./I$raeli column.

Nigeria supported Obama with 49% to attack Afghanistan with more troops, and 21 countries had majorities opposing the United $tates. It is the MIM line in line with the global majority of opinion and it is the Kennedy/Obama-Kasama/Avakian left-wing of parasitism supporting the outmoded U.$. imperialism.

In eight Islamic countries, Bin Laden outpolled Bush in six, tied in one and lost in Lebanon. However, Obama outpolls Bin Laden in all the Islamic countries except Palestine. (Palestine also has higher polling for free enterprise than Europe; although, Pew does not explain that the reason is that the national bourgeoisie is under U.$/I$raeli blockade in Palestine.) There is no good reason for the people of the oppressed nations to support the U.$. imperialist Obama instead of the national bourgeois Osama Bin Laden, except in the minds of Trotskyists and other apologists of Western colonialism.

Pew Research summed up its own poll of 27,000 global citizens this way:

“The new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project, conducted May 18 to June 16, finds that confidence in Barack Obama’s foreign policy judgments stands behind a resurgent U.S. image in many countries. Belief that Obama will ‘do the right thing in world affairs’ is now nearly universal in Western countries, where lack of confidence in President Bush had been almost as prevalent for much of his time in office. In France and Germany, no fewer than nine-in-ten express confidence in the new American president, exceeding the ratings achieved by Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel in their own countries.”

“In Asia, optimism about Obama is almost as extensive with 85% of Japanese and 81% of South Koreans expressing confidence in the American president, and only somewhat lower percentages expressing that view in India (77%) and China (64%). In Brazil, 76% have confidence in Obama, as do most Argentines (61%), despite their generally skeptical view of the U.S. as expressed in this and earlier surveys.”

“Even in some countries where the U.S. remains unpopular, significant percentages nonetheless say that they think Obama will do the right thing in international affairs. In Egypt and Jordan, sizable numbers have confidence in him — 42% and 31% respectively. This represents a three-fold increase compared with opinions about President Bush in 2008. But in Pakistan and the Palestinian territories, ratings of Obama are only marginally better than the abysmal ratings accorded Bush.”

Congratulations, lying sacks of shit at the RCP=CIA: your line and strategy led to the greatest improvement in imperialist ratings in history.

Here is what Avakian said to justify his dovetailing with neo-conservative attacks on Iran and other Islamic countries:

“What we see in contention here with Jihad on the one hand and McWorld/McCrusade on the other hand, are historically outmoded strata among colonized and oppressed humanity up against historically outmoded ruling strata of the imperialist system. These two reactionary poles reinforce each other, even while opposing each other. If you side with either of these ‘outmodeds,’ you end up strengthening both.”(3)

This was Bob Avakian’s justification for raising up religion as the de facto principal contradiction in the “religious extremism” or “fundamentalism” formula. He sought to tarnish both Osama Bin Laden and Bush as religious extremists, the way the imperialist petty-bourgeoisie tries to stand between the imperialists and the oppressed nations. Avakian along with the Anton LaVey generation of Bay Area produced people — Tani Jantsang and Redstar2000 included — took up the favored line of Zionism and a conspiracy to lynch yours truly. Avakian used religion as a basis to attack exploited people, where he could not do so via a straight class or national line, since his constituents were both higher class and oppressor nation relative to the people he wanted to attack.

It is clear to anyone who is not an egotist; it is clear to any progressive persyn capable of self-criticism that the Obama campaign strengthened U.$. imperialism, the outmoded. Fearing polarization caused by Islamic militants is reactionary. It is in those countries where Islamic militants do best where false consciousness regarding U.$. imperialism is lowest. The reason for that is largely the piss-poor quality of Western Marxism that led to Islam’s taking over the vanguard status in anti-imperialism. Communism faded so greatly thanks to mechanical and contemplative materialists who took it over that Islamists came to the proletariat and said, “we are going to be open bourgeois, unlike those communists, and we are still going to do a better job opposing oppression.” And, alas, for our generation, this has been the truth, that the Islamists are right. To this day the phony communists of the West are in lockstep with the neo-conservatives, Satanists and other philistines in joining attacks on the most war-stricken sectors of the Third World.

The RCP=CIA/Kasama leaders of the left-wing of parasitism have a long history of spreading delusions, a long history of being immune to data. They have served as the vanguard of racist and nationalist reaction, ranging from attacks on bussing of Black kids in Boston, kicking gays out of bookstores, smearing Asian-Amerikans for being good for only “statistics and accounting,” siding with Phyllis Chesler, Rice and Cheney on Iran — and at best in all these cases doing half-assed self-criticism only to fail to understand the real underlying problem of racism and national chauvinism that leads to supporting civil liberties for the mafia but lynching of the real communists. After a decades-long record like that, the only place left for these have-it-both-ways hacks covertly working for the Democrats was the White House.

Egotism leading to defense of Amerika

While George W. Bush governed as he thought appropriate, Obama came in on a persynality cult built with a record amount of bankers’ money. In a previous article we showed how that persynality cult eclipsed all the leaders of Latin America in their own home countries.

Egotism in the imperialist context leads to national chauvinism, inexorably. Obama never tries to make Amerikkka look stupid, because he himself would be involved in looking stupid. His hands are tied not by Amerikkka, but by his own egotist ideology. When Latin American leaders criticized him, he said he did not want to be criticized for things that happened when he was a child. What’s good for Obama is good for Amerikkka.

Egotism is the wrong attitude for the international communist movement. To evade persynal responsibility, Obama leaves the impression that people his age and younger are not oppressors and exploiters on a global scale, just as exploiters always try to tell the exploited. The Avakianites never understood that individualism plays no progressive role in the rich countries, only in countries overcoming absolute emperors and certain feudal rigidities. In fact, by giving the world a new emperor to look up to, Obama plays a profoundly negative role among those seeking to overcome feudal vestiges. The implicit theory behind the Obama persynality cult is the same old Trotskyist approach of telling the Third World to wait for their more advanced brethren, when it is being done with superstition and passivity that is key for overcoming feudal leftovers. The Black bourgeoisie such as Henry Gates supporting Obama just never took an international proletarian outlook on what sending a Black man to the presidency via Trojan Horse in the communist movement was going to do outside the United $tates.

Their version of Jacobinism and the real one

The lying sacks of shit in Avakian-spawn organizations do not lie to the Democratic Party leaders they get their office space from. They lie to the international proletariat and that is the difference between a counterrevolutionary professional and a revolutionary.

Since childhood, liberals learn that they should lie low and avoid scrutiny so that one day they can rip off their shirt and underneath will be the Superman “S” for super-liberal — in the White House, Supreme Court or parallel position of power. These liberals fail to stay progressive and advance in politics because they lie too low to learn anything. Nonetheless, for them and all the obtuse of the majority strategy dogmatically adhered to, Jacobinism just means secret careerism and joining in the old boys’ network.

Real Jacobinism means standing with the minority in a principled way to advance history. Real Leninism means vanguard leadership. It means adopting minority strategy, not have-it-both-ways.

The local manifestations

If we go over to the “New York Times,” we see that the most serious of the bourgeois journalists are not prepared to evaluate Obama in an international political light. Stanley Fish joins in bolstering Obama’s phony anti-racist credentials:

“The problem is again the legitimacy of a black man living in a big house, especially when it’s the White House. Just as some in Durham and Cambridge couldn’t believe that Gates belonged in the neighborhood, so does a vocal minority find it hard to believe that an African-American could possibly be the real president of the United States.”(4)

Soon we will be hearing that I$rael is the only country other than Kenya to support Obama’s sending more troops to Afghanistan, because the other 21 countries polled have a problem with a Black man in the White House. In other words, the New York Times is busy selling newspapers to its Democratic partisan subscribers.

Thanks to the Avakian zombies’ long-time resistance to not labelling exploiters “masses,” Gail Collins at the New York Times now points to Obama’s mass line:

“The president spent an hour the other day with seven fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee who weren’t happy with their leadership’s legislation. Then he turned them over to the entire White House health care team, which sat down with the Dogs and negotiated a plan to create an independent commission to set Medicare rates.

“This cost-containment commission now appears to be a centerpiece of the administration’s health care goals. I am a positive person, so I like to believe that this was not sheer desperation but rather the slow rolling out of an incredibly subtle plan to trick Congress into thinking it’s calling the shots.”(5)

So now we have “from the exploiters to the exploiters” practiced as mass line by the egotists who never let up in their pursuit of 50%+1, no matter where they are.

The Obama campaign has delivered the single greatest blow to class struggle in history. The mistakes of a thin layer of badly deluded zombies and their conscious counterinsurgency leaders translated into an historic blow thanks to the record global population and its domination by the U.$. media in an ever-shrinking communications and transport world. By comparison, past counterrevolutionaries operating by Trojan Horse in the communist movement, such as Khruschev and Deng Xiaoping had no such reach as Obama. Even the coalition that rolled back Napoleon while expending great blood and treasure did not have the global reach that Obama does today.

See also,
3. This quote has appeared on Avakian’s home page for his newspaper at the past couple years. His party is busy pretending Obama is not from his organization or line, but that is part of spreading false consciousness to the Third World, because the Democratic leadership and CIA know the truth.

Protests against Iran prepare way for U.$. rule

July 25, 2009

A thin layer of privileged people took to the streets to protest against Iran this week. The movement started at the United Nations, where film and music stars and other Iranian exile demonstrators on average 20 times richer than the average Iranian drew attention to a female icon and called for “freedom” for Iran. The demonstrations obviously took advantage of protests in Iran and the assassination of Neda.

Although no doubt some at the UN demonstration would have said they did not ask for Obama to do anything, the fact is the actual effect of the demonstration was to seize U.$. media and rile up hatred against Iran.

The wave of demonstrations against Iran continues those funded by Cheney, Rice and covert operations that included the RCP=CIA. The only difference is that the demonstrations in Europe occur across a backdrop of new U.$.-European unity created by Barack Obama.

MIM is not for theocracy, but unlike the rich lackeys of U.$. imperialism and the parasite phony communist parties that fawn on them, MIM is not deluded either. At this time, the theocracy in Iran and its tens of millions of supporters do more to oppose imperialism than all of the Western humyn rights and pseudo-Marxist movements combined.

Something we activists who intend to support the international proletariat need to learn is that we do not aim our protests against more advanced social movements. First outdo the Shia militants stemming from Iran in defeating imperialism: then, organize demonstrations against theocracy in Iran for being more backward than you, not before. One has to understand the political context one is in. At the moment, the Islamist-led sectors of the Third World show the least false consciousness in the international proletariat, because things have sunk that low for the secular parts of the movement. To get back on track, secular social movements need to have MIM Thought leadership on questions of nation, class and gender. At the moment, these secular movements are blinded by their racism and national chauvinism that make them more backward than Hezbollah, Hamas and the theocracy in Iran.

Search this article for signs of proletarian stirring against Iran. You will find demonstrators in the rich countries, and a whole 30 from southern Korea, a borderline rich country.

Colonialism defined

July 24, 2009

MIM does not refer to all ethnic conflicts as colonialism. Most ethnic conflicts in the world today are not colonialism, the direct rule of one people by another.

An often-cited example is Tibet. However, Mao allowed Tibetans into the Communist Party and Tibetans headed the communist government there. Whether or not Tibet was part of China or vice-versa or neither is an ancient ethnic question.

In the case of I$rael, we have the most blatant example of colonialism left in the world. Palestinians conquered since 1948 cannot partake in I$rael’s political system and they also have no state of their own. I$rael controls Gaza and West Bank commerce, water and airspace. It’s the neither-fish-nor-fowl nature of the Palestinian condition that makes it colonialism.

The Obama administration is an example of a pro-colonial administration, because it hired Dennis Ross and has unbreakable relations with I$rael. When the British left Boston and then the Carolinas in the American War of Independence, Americans did not end their fight with the British, but somehow the I$raelis expect Palestinians to be different and cheer the I$raelis for having left Gaza. So in the year 2009 we have a colonial mentality afoot, supported by the Obama administration and Congress.