Mideast/Iran update

Egypt postponed its deadline for a unity government of Palestinians for three weeks.(1) Egypt is saying it will open the Rafah crossings when an agreement occurs. I do not know if that is on account of a true situation or whether Hamas wants out of a deal or whether turmoil in Iran is involved or another issue I’d rather not mention.

Meanwhile, interpretation of Iranian martyr Neda’s life continues unabated. The USA Today made a big step forward by calling on Obama to drop covert political programs aimed at Iran.(2) The reason it gave is that these aid programs justify labels on the opposition as U.$. lackeys.

Iran’s government itself said that the bullets that killed Neda were too small to be government issue, so it is blaming hooligans. “Media outlets in the West have blamed Neda’s death on Iranian security forces, but new revelations have found that she was murdered by a small caliber pistol–a weapon that is not used by Iranian security forces.”(3) That’s not something we hear much about over here.

Meanwhile, there is much talk in the air of note regarding U.$. history and Iran and the issue of cutting off funding for pro-U.$. groups.

“Flynt Leverett, a former National Security Council who has long advocated engaging Iran, notes that President Nixon opened relations with China under Mao Zedong, who is held responsible for more peacetime deaths of his own people than Hitler in Germany and Stalin in the Soviet Union.”(4)

Yes, it’s an ignorant opinion but timely.

Even more to the point, CNN connects Neda not just to lipstick but “civil rights” and “civil liberties” while calling for a cut-off of aid to pro-U.$. political forces.

“The United States can only lead, if it must, by example, by practicing what it preaches. Our inner schools cannot suffer from unfathomable poverty of educational tools while we allocate millions of dollars to useless, ineffective, discredited ‘oppositional’ forces.

“Whatever the fate of the Islamic republic, the noble cause of civil liberties will remain constant in Iran and will emerge as a model for the region. By wedding the freshly cut flower of Neda Aqa-Soltan’s young life in the fertile soil of Rosa Parks’ memory, Iranians and Americans will finally come together in their common dreams of basic human decency. And what better president to have a hand in that union than the man who is a beneficiary of the courage and imagination of Rosa Parks and a witness to Neda Aqa Soltan?”(5)

The articles from CNN and USA Today are a good thing, because Kennedy-Kerry-Avakian-Obama have a history of supporting Cheney and Rice warmongering on Iran. If Avakian, Kasama and Obama were just 24/7 activists for wimmin’s rights in Iran, we would not say anything, but actually demonstrations are rare in the united $tates and even rarer for the left-wing of parasitism. That means the phony communists timed their 2006 demonstrations against Iran (allegedly for Iranian wimmin) at the request of Cheney and Rice. Obama was also in fact a warmonger against Iran on television before 9/11, when the anti-Muslim hysteria reached a new peak.

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