Reminder on aesopian language: it’s evil

I don’t take responsibility for the errors of other in using Aesopian language. If they have to use it, it’s their problem.

I’ve been asked this past year or so to comment on a document I haven’t seen and to speculate as well on police charges that would be potential against me despite no word of any kind having ever been made. It’s an example I think of how we have to read the ole’ boys’ minds or they get upset. And they never stop asking questions, because there never comes a point where they figure they were just wrong. That’s why Avakian runs a cult I’m sure, but he gets away with it — 10 points if you can figure out why.

Against me, however, it is true if it were not that junk, it would be something even more stupid, like discussion of the Paris Hilton video.

The article on the prisoner dilemma addresses various state agents and their collaborators from 20 years ago, 10 years ago and this past year. It’s a general theoretical truth. It doesn’t mean I specifically read my arch-enemies or other individualists lately.


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